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Littering News Around

Nope.  This post has nothing at all to do with litter.

Just sprinkling facts pertaining to recent days.

Got an MRI on Thursday to see what the $&^%^# is going on with my #*@^%)_# neck.  What was very interesting was that a 1.5Tesla b-field warms your neck like a drumstick in a microwave.  I’m the Bones McCoy type – transporters would make me wiggy and while I know the MRI is a safe machine something that makes me feel warmer when it’s making LOUD noise and I’m crammed in it with no wiggle room – well, it makes me wiggy.

Saw Cars 2 today.  It was savaged by RottenTomatoes but honestly I enjoyed it and I feel like people need to freakin’ relax.  They are slamming it as if it were a bomb performance by people who are normally academy award winning caliber.  Cripes, people, it’s a Pixar movie.  No, it is not their best, I get that.  But seeing a General Dynamics LCS go kablooey kind of made me grin.  And the modeling of the ocean waves was some of the best I have ever seen.  My jaw was hanging down and I was drooling, I was so taken in by the excellence of the rendering.  A bit long but fun.  Kids liked it.

Oh yeah… I’m designing a steampunk gun – a real live take-the-fur-off’n-that-yowling-at-3AM-cat from 30-50 feet with water kind of steampunk gun.  If there’s interest I’ll build more (think “Zazzle” but without t-shirts).  I’m working on the design with cost in mind.   Someone also suggested that it could also be sold as kits, which is an idea that intrigues me as well.  The kit option would allow someone who wants to do the analogue of “overclocking” and turn up the PSI to above the 40psi I’m thinking of.   The pressure vessels themselves are rated for 100-120psi.

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