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Get elemental with your inner Geek.  USB Plasma Ball.  They are real, I’ve played with one.


From the “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” files: Treasury Secretary goes down on one knee for Speaker Pelosi.  It is rumored that she had multiple orgasms.


Well thank goodness for this.  If you’re going to charge the guy for being an ass to a cop, fine.  If you’re going to charge him with a DUI, fine.  But don’t charge him for assault when he was just farting at the cop.  Ooh, the poor officer’s eyes must have watered so.


What, they’d rather he spit on the guy’s fries instead?


You know, 22 years ago they’d have kicked the little 8th grade fruitcake out of school until he’d had some serious counseling.  He’s fighting to wear makeup in school.  The fact that his mother is supporting this attention-starved little ass means she could use a bit of work herself.  You just don’t see crap like this happening in countries that aren’t soft through and through.


Man am I glad these guys are on top of this.  Those hotdogs plump when you cook ’em.  You know how it is… you’re tailgating, you wrap your hotdogs in some duct-tape to bring them into the game and next thing you know the bomb squad leaves you to buying crappy dogs at the concession stands for $6 each.


On a serious note…

I’m in a mood.  I know it is life, but I have a friend who just lost his second parent to pancreatic cancer, another friend whose mom (my informally adoptive mom – wonderful, kind, sweet lady) who is dying of it, and a third friend whose dad was diagnosed with it, and friend #4 whose uncle is dying of it.

Try as I might, I’m not seeing any grander purpose about all this bullshit.  Lost my mom earlier this year and she went in a bad way.  Hell, my CAT had it better than anyone.  What’s the greater purpose?

It’s been 18 months of pain for me after a car wreck – and it is getting better, but about 4 times too slow for me.  Turn your head the wrong way you get to spend three days in serious pain.  There’s no sense in the suffering I see around me.  I’m feeling very cynical today and more than a bit bitter.  I say to myself “God can create the universe and everything in it but cannot help His creations?”  The book of Job ends up sounding cruel.  Let’s just say I’m having a crisis of faith and no small amount of anger.

Our bodies break down, sometimes when we’re 90, sometimes before we’re even born, but it always happens and there’s never any dignity in it. I don’t care if you can walk, see, wipe your own butt. It’s always ugly. Always. You can live with dignity, we can’t die with it.

– House, M.D. ( Pilot episode)

And because I’m feeling like a bit of a bastard… I was looking for “bulls and bears” for a Wall Street pic and just lost half my eyesight.  Damn.

"Bull Ride Gone Wrong" (no shite?)

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I’m not feeling up to posting much in the way of original content so I just posted a bunch more recipes under the (you guessed it) Recipes page.

[… time passes…]

It is now “later”, and after a refreshing episode of “Burn Notice”, I have reversed my apathy to somewhat encouraged because being apathetic is just too much work.


If you are looking for that something interesting, you might not have seen a web-search engine called Ms. Dewey.

She flexes a ‘tude. She isn’t half bad looking, either, which just begs for chauvinist questions like I propose below. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just go there, ok? You’ll need sound to enjoy it. And yes, it is a real search engine. Try a few more interesting search terms, like:

  1. what is your bra size
  2. oral sex
  3. are you wearing underwear
  4. panty hamster
  5. menage a trois

Really, there is a reason for choosing those options. They were a good spread throughout the spectrum of “naughty” and pushing the envelope to get interesting responses.

Note the question that brought out the gun…


Somehow this is of concern to those who are convinced that otherwise we’ll all live forever. CO2’s magical turning point where Earth will turn us into charcoal briquettes.


Simultaneously the coolest thing and the scariest thing almost, but not quite, ever. Women take that top slot. Sure it’s an article from a long time ago, but even Maxwell’s equations are new if you’ve never seen them before. Get a grip. The thing about Segways and this thing are my worries of a sudden power cable breakage…. ooops, he fall down.


An interesting but not entirely correct take on rising wheat and rice prices and the link to biofuels. The idea that “you can’t turn a rice paddy into a cornfield” means that corn isn’t driving part of the issue is specious. By using more and more corn, people will turn to OTHER sources of of carbohydrates, the grain staples, examples of which are wheat and rice. But his point that more people are coming out of poverty is (ahem) food for thought. Thankfully he does mention wheat rust.

So what’s going on?

The answer lies in the biggest, most under-reported story of our lives:

Today, more human beings are emerging from poverty than at any time in history. If the present trend continues, within our lifetimes — or certainly within our children’s lifetimes — the majority of human beings will have emerged from poverty and joined the middle class.

Other interesting links counter to his stance or revolving around the idea of bad biofuel ideas:




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