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Happy Freakin’ New Year

If you haven’t been boycotting me you’ve probably wondered where the hell I got off to.

Christmas Eve day I started coming to grips with the fact that I was getting a cold.  I didn’t feel all that horrible though, and thought I was going to shrug it off.

Note:  That is known as “foreshadowing”.

By the end of Christmas Eve I was feeling pretty crappy with bloody sinuses and a sore throat that went all the way down.

By Christmas day I felt worse.

And for the rest of the week up until Saturday, I was worse.  All the colors of the rainbow came out of my lungs and sinuses.

Saturday I asked Cruel Wife to take me to urgent care since my inhaler wasn’t doing a damn bit of good.  They gave me a nebulizer treatment to help with my breathing and prescribed… a nebulizer.  Like I can find one of those at 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday.  But I felt a little better even if I did look like hell – serious dark circles under my eyes, pale, lethargic.  Oh, did I mention that I also have a case of pinkeye in both eyes?  Yes.  I’m not making that up.

Sunday night (last night), around 9pm:

“Uh, CW… I need you take me to the ER… NOW.”

I couldn’t get a breath that seemed like it was enough.  I was dizzy as hell.  And I felt just as sick or sicker than I did on Christmas Eve.

So, CW packaged up the kids and rushed me to the hospital where I was admitted for IV fluids, X-rays (which loosened some of the phlegm in my lungs), donated about 2 pints for blood work, etc.

They prescribed a nebulizer treatment on the spot and later came in to ask if the nebulizer was helping.  I said “Well, bad news is I’m still sick.  Good news is I don’t feel like dying quite as strongly.”

White blood count was up a bit so they gave me some antibiotics, finished off the IV drip, Rx for some Tylenol 3 so I can finally get some sleep w/o coughing non-stop, and some gunk that sure makes it easier to cough up the crap that has been nailing me.  When the nurse was describing what they were going to prescribe he got to the stuff that helps you clear your lungs out a bit better and I said “I will kiss your feet if that stuff works.”  Nearly had a tear in my eye.

So I got a nebulizer for home this morning and have been taking it easy.  Like I have any choice as to being active.

I haven’t been hit this hard by a flu/cold since the swine flu.  Geez.  I got three days of vacation and nine days of what was going to be the rest of my vacation knocked flat on my ass.  Wah-hoo.

Merry frickin’ New Year.  May it be a damn sight better than the last one.

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A new year has come and an old one gone.

All in all it was a pretty darned good year.    Here’s to the next one being better – starting with the new congressional mixup makinig Obama’s life hell.

But before that, I want to win a million-dollar lottery.

Please God, let me prove to you that winning the lottery won’t spoil me…

I’ll try to get back into the posting and art and/or writing this year.  I’ve been awfully slack lately.


Can it get any stupider, this liberal understanding of the Constitution?  Source:  The Spokane Conservative…

Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein mocked Republicans for wanting to start the 112th Congress with a reading of the Constitution.

Klein told Norah O’Donnell, “The issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than 100 years ago and what people believe it says differs from person to person and differs depending on what they want to get done.”

So, in Klein’s view, the Constitution is old and therefore confusing and apparently should be ignored, or translated in a way that supports liberal policy.
Klein also took issue with new rules requiring legislation be supported by the Constitution.  He told O’Donnell, “the new rules require every bill name its constitutional authority in the bill’s text and what I want to point out about that is that bills don’t normally do that now.”

But that is precisely the point, and it is partly why Republicans – many backed by the Tea Party – destroyed the Democrats in November’s election.

I’m sorry but I just don’t see November as having been a mandate or a slam-dunk.  A lot of things are still being taken for granted by the Republicans, who still seem a bit dazed and confused.  It’s like the Republicans keep showing up to a gun fight with a spoon.

Thank you, Joe Newby for your article…

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