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Is this Irony?

Mayor Bloomberg and pals have been fighting long and hard to save others from their self-inflicted corpulence by the draconian method of limiting their soft-drink sizes.

I knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy whose girlfriend’s hairdresser knew this guy whose girlfriend’s hairstylist once read about this gal who had her jaw wired shut so she’d eat less and lose weight.  And she gained weight.  By drinking nothing but soda.

So yeah, in a way you could say that soft drinks may cause weight issues.  But do does eating chocolate cake.  So does eating six sausages with triple helpings of sauerkraut during Octoberfest and every other weekend in between.

I’m surprised, however, that Bloomberg hasn’t capitalized on what is going on in his own town.

How the sweet sweet stench of a 100+ year old broken sewer pipe is working out well for Bay Ridge…

Listen to the reporter’s tone.  Then ask yourself:  (1) Why is it not constantly in the news?  (2) Don’t you think the reporter would have to work darned hard to not have a person quoted that by now hates the mayor’s guts?  (3) In this age of journalism that must come with a judgment, why does the reporter not have the mayor’s telephone number listed?

It’s gone from bad to worse. A massive sinkhole has turned from traffic nightmare to sickening situation in Brooklyn. A sewer main broke more than two months ago in Bay Ridge, creating a huge hole in the street.

And as CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported Friday night, the stench has now become a major problem.

Misery is how 92nd Street residents describe the slow, tedious work on the enormous sinkhole, which first formed back on June 28 and is still not close to being repaired.

Workers have been going down more than 70 feet to fix a busted 110-year-old sewer pipe. The hole has unleashed a non-stop sickening smell.

I don’t know about you, but the smell of ripe sewage really tends to reduce my lusty appetite.

Bloomberg:  Why not just collapse the sewer system every 20 blocks and put into effect the most rapid weight-loss program the city of New York has ever seen?  Sure, it’ll be harsh but people will be healthier for it, right?  And that is really all you need to justify anything, because if just one life can be saved, it is worth it.

It would certainly stink less than portion control with soft-drinks.


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A lead-in to the breathing individual below…  New York is helping it’s heroin addled populace out using taxpayer dollarsMakin’ pamphlets for the readin’ users out there.  Bitchin, yo?   Next… Meth aids…


I’m not sure how, but there seems to be enough neural activity for her to breathe and move around.  Normally you’d think of breathing as autonomic but this one is a real mouth-breather and that takes special circumstances.

I want my nuggets.

She is of the ilk depicted at this post at W+K Studio… quiet those quivering quads.  The male equivalent is here… Gotta pee?


Drudge’s caption for this pic (below) is wrong, IMHO.

“Airports Abroad Ignore Obama Demands.”

Now, anyone who ignores Obama in my book is all right.  Since it is about terrorists tho, I suggest we do segregated airplanes – terrorist watch-list countries that bitch about discrimination (read: Nigeria) should fly their own planes in and out of the US, and if they deviate even a little bit, shoot them down.  I think I suggested that before but you just can’t stress this enough.

Pretty soon, people who are legit will stop visiting, or at least flying to and from these cockroach countries, and there’s a bit of economic leverage there that requires little effort on our part.

Boils down to this:  Terrorists choosing to kill Americans is about as damned discriminatory as you can get.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you cockroach terror-friendly countries.

So here’s that pic – the caption should read: 

An Official Motions Next Cavity Search Terrorist Flyer to Assume the Position.

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