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Twist Factor.

Update:  Good God, my satellite receiver is down.  I may actually be reduced to having a conversation with Cruel Wife rather than catch re-runs and scan for bad SyFy movies.  What did I do to deserve this cruel fate?  It was so healthy and working so well this morning and then… pfffft… gone.   Just… gone.


Soylent suggested a mobius bacon graphic a while back.  Or I suggested it after reading something of his.  Somehow I got it in my head to do a mobius bacon graphic.

It was not easy to do in photoshop and I got tired of trying to model it in Blender 3D and last night I got out the charcoal and pencils and went to work.  Then I digitized that and now my graphics editor (one of them) is probably going to savage it and tell me how to make it fit for consumption, which is ok.  That’s what I want, actually.

So until that savage constructive criticism comes back, I’ll putter around on another thing I’ve put pencil to paper on.  That is a “Dr. Lemur’s Pastries for Your Spleen” sketch.  I want to bring that in to photoshop and colorize it a bit or turn it into a true victorian-era Dr. Lemur graphic.  It’s based on a real barn from near where I grew up – “For Your Liver, Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets“.  The guy who bought that property knew it was a “Historial Landmark” when he bought it, but now wants to actually do something with it (read: demolish) now that it is too expensive to keep it from falling down (it makes sense in an irony-sort-of-way) – but, since it’s “historical” it’s no longer his to do with as he pleases even though he owns it.  Please see the next paragraph regarding enslavement coming your way, soon.

I’m looking this up to see if it’s true or not – NRA speaks at the UN as Democrats Continue to Seek Your Enslavement.  That’s my take on it anyway.


Here’s a real good reason why I’m distrustful of authority in the first place.  Racing to get your bleeding in-labor wife to the hospital that knows her history and what to do for her means you are a criminal with no remorse and should be treated with less respect than a pedophile or rapist, apparently.  Oh, Canada…

But this crap could happen here in the US, too.

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I did not know that Kagan actually in the same document suggested checking out the NRA and the KKK.

Yeah, that’s who I want for SCOTUS, someone who thinks that my support of the NRA makes me as worthy of keeping track of as a racist KKK member.


While being questioned by Republicans, who aren’t in orgiastic throes like the liberal members of congress, Kagan said:

“My politics would be, must be, have to be completely separate from my judging,” said Kagan, who was a domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration.

Horsesh*t.  There is not a single judge nor has there ever been or will be that could separate their bias from a case.  NOT ONE.

The real test of a judge is whether they apply bias or whether they apply prejudgment.  “Bias” says “if I can judge in a certain way, I will.”  “Prejudgment” says “I will judge in this way regardless of the case.”

I don’t foresee Kagan applying only bias, and “politics” is actually worse than prejudgment because it comes from without, not within.

The distinction between bias and prejudgment is not a concept I thought of – it was presented when I first saw it in Frank Herbert’s book “The Dosadi Experiment”.  Perhaps one of my top ten books of all time.  “Whipping Star” also features the same main character – Bureau of Sabotage member Georg X. McKie.   Awesome awesome books.


I really really hope that Pete Stark pays a hefty political price for mocking a voter with an honest concern.

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