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It needs crude oil splashes, some loose gooey kernels laying around and lots of little tweaks – and whatever input you may care to give as long as you don’t hurt my fragile feelings by beating around the bush.  Tell it like it is and for heaven’s sake don’t pussyfoot around it.

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… from any number of sources.

I’m waiting for Pat Robertson to step up and announce that the oil spill is because of somebody’s sin or pact with the devil.  Give him time… bad will out.  He’ll swear that these people are being punished by God (hasn’t it been said that one ought not presume to know the mind of God?).  He’s safe from me because I absolutely cannot loathe the man more than I already do.

I’m not a duck squeezer or a tree hugger – I don’t hate oil, I don’t hate coal… I am pretty cool with all those sources but I still feel like you damn well better put resources in place to deal with these little fiascoes.

Click on it to embiggenify the image. If you dare.

I guess what bugs me is that this is shrimp spawning season.  They spawn in the delta and that is where the oil is headed.  So, unless shrimp like a little personal lubricant when they get frisky, this stuff is going to kill them, choke off oxygen, gum up gills… way to go fellas.

Update:  Someone riddle me this… why would Obama send SWAT teams out to oil wells…?  Unless he knew this was an eco-terrorism thing like ELF only gone much wronger.

Clarification:  Yes, I do believe Obama and the Eco-nuts gain from this but I can’t believe that they would sacrifice the environment on this scale to get what they wanted.  Also, even though the gov’t should have done better in responding with unstoppably quick concern – as it affects commerce in a HUGE way, I also think BP should have thought of worst-case things like “what do we do if a pipe can’t be shut off”?  They have oil well fires and they know how hard that is on land…  And, for the record, BP’s record is not spotless…

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Started feeling a bit peevish about a comment/rant on on of my posts.   At first I was ok and feeling quite gracious.

Decided over the course of a day or three that I was peevish and actually more than peevish – I was pretty much pissed off at being talked down to.

Original post and comment. (Scroll down on that page, you’ll find it. )

I don’t like people telling me what I do and do not know when they have missed the point of my original post entirely.  So, a long reply on a new page.

New Page and rebuttal.

Coming soon – an update to the Puncture Chronicles.  Interesting information that you wouldn’t expect.

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