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This was years and years and years ago.  Pub in Ashland, Oregon, drinking a pitcher or three of Rogue River Ale.

The Shakespearean theater there is terrific.  Saw Faustus there and it was really really good.

Ashland is so liberal the trees are sticky with sap, but it’s still a cool town.

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In Ashland, Oregon, they want to make sure that around CHRISTMAS TIME they show more secular symbols and less religious ones.

According to the new guidelines, displays in public areas should “represent the diversity of the season, and should avoid symbols with patently religious meanings,” including the manger scene, menorahs, angels or the Star of David.

If a tree is displayed, it should be surrounded with “symbols from various religious backgrounds, along with secular symbols,” the guidelines state.

These people are teaching children, mind you.

The Christmas tree did not begin as a religious symbol.  It began as a pagan tradition and has come to be associated with the season.  Essentially the “Christmas Tree” IS a secular symbol.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Christmas season is complete w/o a tree, but I don’t mistake it for symbolizing Christ.


But, Ashland and Eugene, Oregon (and Portland) are well known for being liberal bastions and neither logic nor facts need apply.

They got owl lovers, tree huggers, duck squeezers, and bunny fluffers.  Everything a progressive needs to feed off of.

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Obama Promises…


A bit of a positive piece of information…  not only is this almost too cool, it IS too cool.

As an ex-swimmer and water-polo player, I absolutely am thrilled for her.

mermaidSwim like a mermaid.


Tonight’s Obama speech… he promised (per Drudge):

Obama Says USA will rebuild and emerge stronger...
Obama vows to increase number of soldiers...
Obama vows to seek cure for cancer 'in our time'...
Obama says bank bailout may cost more than expected...
Obama promises universal EDUCATION THROUGH COLLEGE...
Obama promises universal health care...

I read this off to Cruel Wife.

“Oh,” she said. (long pause) “So why not the sun, moon, and the stars while we’re at it?” (brief pause) … “And a pony. I want a pony.”

Well, hell, why not?

The waves can’t get much worse…


Archbishop warns against deification of Obama Robbin’ Hood.

Sorry, adulation.

What would be the consequences?  Oh, I don’t know… election of a socialist president, passage of obscene spending bills, and a perceived mandate on the part of the moonbats/democrats?

His warning came too late.

In a reference to the messianic treatment the Barack Obama received from some Americans during the presidential primaries, Archbishop Chaput delivered his second point: “in democracies, we elect public servants, not messiahs.”


$648B (that’s billion) dollars towards Universal Health Care.

Aides Call Money a ‘Down Payment’ Toward Universal-Coverage Efforts

A down payment is all it will be and it won’t amount to a pee-hole in the snow in terms of what a Universal Health Care system will actually cost.  If you thought SS and Medicare were frightening shadows in the wings, then this ought to make your bowels turn watery.  Mine already deliquesced a few days ago.
Our president is something of a naive joke, and I’m afraid a lot of people are going to listen to him until too late.


Dentist says groping chest massage part of the treatment.

Unless he can present three men who were also “massaged” he needs to go to jail as a sex offender.

Apparently Dr. Manny tends to agree with me that this is no therapy.


Being a card-carrying redneck, I was (rightly) concerned by the precedent which may be set by my once-home state.

Oregon is embroiled in a controversy over guns. Now, this is odd for a state that has always been pro-gun, was founded with guns, and has fed so many families and sportsmen alike.

Recent weeks have witnessed a fair amount of thrash in the Oregon Concealed Carry community. It started with a group seeking the release of the names of CCW holders statewide. Many Sheriff’s departments have declined to provide this information, including the Rob Gordon, Sheriff of Washington County

Rob Gordon, sheriff of Washington Country (a good man by the way)  said in a letter to his county’s CCW holders:

As your sheriff, I refused to disclose that information because I believe many people obtain a concealed handgun license for personal security and would not want that information made public. I also resist disclosing personal information because of the continuing identity theft risks.

Despite my belief (shared by sheriffs across Oregon), an Oregon court recently decided that there is no evidence that people obtain concealed handgun licenses for security measures. The court ordered the Jackson County Sheriff to disclose a list of all the concealed handgun license holders in his county to the local newspaper. The case is now before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

This issue should concern anyone with a CCW (and actually even if you just own weapons because this will be a slippery slope – it’s not just about CCW), because as soon as this newspaper sued to get the list, and was granted the ok by an activist judge, other newspapers in Oregon began to do the same.   It is not going to happen without a fight, but you ought to be outraged.

The issue as of Monday (yesterday).

Here’s one liberal bedwetter’s excuse for trampling on people’s rights:

However, an open records advocate said supporters of the bill have made no compelling case for further chipping away at Oregon’s public records law by closing off the gun permit records from public disclosure.

“What is the privacy interest in this case? What abuse has occurred as a result of these records being open?” said Tim Gleason, dean of the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism.

Those records should remain open as a practical safety matter, Gleason added.

What if you’re an abuse victim, and you want to know if the person who’s abusing you is carrying a concealed weapon?” he said. “That seems like a legitimate question to ask.”

Oh yes, the argument that pretends to be innocent and legitimate concern…  Answer:  Then you go to the police, tell them you’re being abused, have that person checked out by the police, and if there is any proof at all, they’ll take care of it.  In the meantime, take a gun safety course and get your own damn CCW.

More on this so you don’t have to go looking…

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) – The Medford Mail Tribune has sued the sheriff for a list of concealed handgun licenses in Jackson County, hoping to determine how many are held by teachers.

The newspaper said it wants to determine the impact of a ruling in another suit, brought by English teacher Shirley Katz. She has a permit and wants to be able to carry a gun to class.

Sheriff Mike Winters said he would oppose the newspaper’s lawsuit, filed last week.

For both privacy and safety reasons, Winters said, “I don’t believe it’s anyone’s business who possesses a concealed handgun license.”

The newspaper does not plan to publish the names of license holders, said Mail Tribune Editor Bob Hunter. It wants the information for research about how far-reaching a ruling on the Katz lawsuit could be.

There are about 6,500 license holders in Jackson County, according to the sheriff’s office.

“We feel Sheriff Winters is allowing his personal feelings to interfere with his duty to enforce the law,” Hunter said. “This is information bought and paid for by the public, and the public has a right to it.”

He said the Multnomah County sheriff’s office released a similar list to newspapers.

The director of the gun rights group that has financed Katz’s lawsuit against the Medford School District, which bans employees from bringing guns on campus, said that as a matter of law, handgun licenses are a public record.

“Obviously, I’d like to see those people’s privacy protected, but I doubt (Sheriff Winters) has any legal justification for withholding what is a public record,” said Kevin Starrett, director of the Oregon Firearms Education Foundation.

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Philip Arnold heard oral arguments Thursday on Katz’s challenge, but had not issued a ruling.


I’m starting to worry at the number of people that are going to be increasingly angry about their rights being eroded, their money being taken and given to those who can’t be responsible, the loss of their home values, the loss of their retirement funds, the (potential) loss of their jobs, and the fact that we’re essentially being taxed with representation, as lame and criminal as it is.

I mean… me, I’m just pissed.   I blow steam, and I’m good and so are many many other people.  But there are folks out there that are just not so inclined and frankly, some of them scare the poop out of me.  A handful of nutjobs could end up hurting a lot of nice people if we aren’t careful.  Scary.

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Wow, this woman in Sweet Home, Oregon discovered what I am sure would shock anyone.  That relatives contacting you online asking you to send them a lot of money so you can cash in on $20M later on… why, they can be fraudulent.

Oregon woman target of a Nigerian Scam.

Ok so the bad guys deserve jail or something.  But isn’t there also a crime against nature, that of being so damn stupid that the vacuum in your skull is sucking in everything?  I mean, stuff enters her skull and irretrievably lost.

She didn’t lose everything… she practically thrust it upon them in trying to give it away.  If I was her husband I’d be thinking “Divorce” as soon as the debt was wiped.


Speaking of scams…

Investment bank bosses pressured to forgo bonuses this year.

I’ve said it before (very recently, too) but I’ll say it again:  Poor babies.

I don’t see myself getting a bonus, a raise, a COLA, and in fact I’ll be grateful if my job is still around in half a year, so why should I give a rat’s patoot about a bunch of really wealthy fellas and their potential loss of bonuses that are larger than my yearly salary by huge amounts?


And speaking of more scams…  ThoseShirts.com has a wonderful shirt to address a recent scam.  Hope you guys sell millions of these.

Obama T-shirt That Says It All.


Now THIS is the kind of guy you WANT in the Marines.  Good on you, dude.


LA fires still burn.  I still am amazed that people in these areas (1) don’t build their homes to be better protected from fires, and (2) aren’t required to do so.

Simple things like get rid of fuel (trees, brush, grass) near your home, slate roof, metal siding, walls around the house, etc.

Good luck and prayers for the firefighters and families down there.

This photographer caught a beautiful shot of a fire devil/dervish/twister… they are scary.


Excellent photograph - David Getty

I showed up at a fire with the sky this color and a bit darker at times.

Orange County LA - Nicholas Pavlovsky

Orange County LA - Nicholas Pavlovsky

Another good pic of what the area around a fire can look like… surreal as hell.  It’s when you see a forest full of once-trees just smoking and the tang of ash in the air.  Think of a huge campfire.  Now think of jumping up and down in it after it is mostly burned out (but still hot)… there you go.   Think “post apocalyptic”.

David Getty pic of trailer park destruction - 600-800 trailers mostly gone.

David Getty pic of trailer park destruction - as of last count, 484 trailers mostly gone.


Speaking of fires…

Homeless man to serve 45 months and pay restitution for 2006 LA fire.  Restitution being $101 MILLION.

Yep, they’ll garnish his wages and repossess his cardboard refrigerator box.  He may even have to give up his Wal-Mart shopping cart.

Anybody besides me find even talking about a fine kind of ridiculous when we’re discussing a homeless guy?


So much for the quality of a leader being derived from HIS ideas.


Real sweethearts.  Threatening an elderly blind woman.  What next, jackbooting toddlers for candy?

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Hi All.  First Installment, Vacation 2008.

We started out last Thursday night. The idea was that we would do things in a logical order…

  1. “Pink Juice” the cat
  2. Pack up stuff into the car
  3. Drive to the hotel next to the airport, stay overnight, dump off vehicle
  4. Get up early, get on plane
  5. Endure agony with two freaked out hyperactive ping-pong ball children
  6. Arrive Portland, get rental, have meltdown
  7. End up in Prosser, Washington – take Lithium and Prozac cocktail

Reality bites 50% of the time.

We gave Silver d’Cat his last meal of tuna juice and lots of bittersweet scritches.  The long and short of it was that the vet came by and was the epitome of the benevolent angel (of Death, certainly, but angel is the operative word).  He went peacefully and quietly and surrounded by folks that cared about him and him alone in those moments.

I took the box we wanted to put him in, added his kitty pad and he was laid on it, then covered him with catnip fronds.  The plot was underneath some shady trees smack in the middle of one of his favorite catnip patches and was capped with a heavy flat-topped pyramid stone – it looks good, really.  Lastly I put catnip on his stone.    Why do all this for a cat?  Well, because even the vet remarked on how kind and good-natured of a kitty he was – he was gentle, having only bitten anyone only a handful of times, in great pain, every time.  Times when he *should* have bitten the kids, he did not do so.

Packing the car and picking up the kids worked out well.  Driving to the airport went well.  Getting in the room was lengthy but uneventful.  Dropping off the car was hell.  Apparently our desk clerk at the hotel cannot distinguish between “Michigan Left” and “Left” in giving directions.  So in looking for the parking lot, what should have ended me up 1-1/2 blocks from my hotel put me all the way at the ass-end of Middlebelt Road.  You’re thinking “Oh Lemur King, you are such a whiny-assed pansy”.  Maybe, maybe not.  Middlebelt is not the best place in the world to drive around for an hour, and as I was looking at street addresses and road names, I nearly ran over an idiot who was (1) riding his bike at night, (2) was wearing dark clothes, and (3) had only reflectors on the heels of his shoes.  This is one case where “riding while black” is a distinct advantage.  I honestly could not see the guy because he was all but invisible.   So finally we got it out of the clerk that she meant “Michigan Left”.  I found the place and scrambled out of there to the hotel.  It was a hot and sticky night.  The Surface of Venus was a more hospitable place that night.

The flight went uneventfully.  This is nothing short of a miracle.  We got “our” rental car, but due to my driver’s license expiring on the second-to-the-last day of the lease period, I was unable to be included as a driver.  Get that?  They trust me to not drive the entire period as a non-driver, but they could not trust me to drive up until the day where my license expired and then stop.  NANNY STATE.  I’m still pissed.  $700 for a car rental and I can’t even drive the $*^&#@ thing.

On Our Way, Camera Out – Up the Gorge (I-84)

Through the Tunnel on the Columbia River (I-84)

So, we get on the road and I start taking pictures.  Around Hood River (going up I-84 along the Columbia Gorge), I got the camera out.  I was taking pictures on the fly and through a window, so bear with the reflections and smudges.

Not Too Far from Biggs Jct., Oregon – Home of the World’s Best Cheap Corndogs

Just After Biggs Jct. – Washington Side of the Gorge, to Tri Cities/Prosser, WA

More later…

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To offset the huge steaming pile of depressing shite that I seem to have dredged up today, here’s a link that was wonderfully (and very timely) provided by our Weasel.

I give you the gift as it was given to me…


brought to you by our friend… shown here as himself and his alter-ego…

More humor, weird link for today… here.

and… here.


Great googley moogley!!

This, my friends, is what they call a living hell.


All right, my breath came back only to be knocked clean out of me (with my stuffing) by the sheer idiocy of this kind of thinking. Makes me ‘shamed of having been growed up in Orygun. Thanks to The Dude, for passing this on.

State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead
‘To say, we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it’s cruel’

State officials have offered a lung cancer patient the option of having the Oregon Health Plan, set up in 1994 to ration health care, pay for an assisted suicide but not for the chemotherapy prescribed by her physician.

The story appears to be a happy ending for Barbara Wagner, who has been notified by a drug manufacturer that it will provide the expensive medication, estimated to cost $4,000 a month, for the first year and then allow her to apply for further treatment, according to a report in the Eugene Register-Guard.

But the word from the state was coverage for palliative care, which would include the state’s assisted suicide program, would be allowed but not coverage for the cancer treatment drugs.

“To say to someone, we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it’s cruel,” Wagner told the newspaper. “I get angry. Who do they think they are?”

She said she was devastated when the state health program refused coverage for Tarceva, the drug her doctor ordered for treatment of her lung cancer.

The refusal came in an unsigned letter from LIPA, the company that runs the state program in that part of Oregon.

“We had no intent to upset her, but we do need to point out the options available to her under the Oregon Health Plan,” Dr. John Sattenspiel, senior medical director for LIPA, told the newspaper.

“I understand the way it was interpreted. I’m not sure how we can lift that. The reality is, at some level (doctor-assisted suicide) could be considered as a palliative or comfort care measure.”

The 64-year-old Wagner lives in a low-income apartment in Springfield with her dog, the newspaper said.

State officials say the Oregon Health Plan prioritizes treatments, with diagnoses and ailments deemed the most important, such as pregnancy, childbirth and preventive care for children at the top of the list. Other treatments rank below, officials said.

“We can’t cover everything for everyone,” Dr. Walter Shaffer, a spokesman for the state Division of Medical Assistance Programs, told the paper. “Taxpayer dollars are limited for publicly funded programs. We try to come up with policies that provide the most good for the most people.”

He said many cancer treatments are a high priority, but others reflect the “desire on the part of the framers of this list to not cover treatments that are futile.”

Wagner, however, is ending up with the treatment needed when her lung cancer, in remission for two years, returned.

She reported a representative for the pharmaceutical company called and notified her the drug would be provided for at least the first year.

“We have been warning for years that this was a possibility in Oregon,” said the “Bioethics Pundit” on the Bioethics blog. “Medicaid is rationed, meaning that some treatments are not covered. But assisted suicide is always covered.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened either,” the blogger wrote. “A few years ago a patient who needed a double organ transplant was denied the treatment but would have been eligible for state-financed assisted suicide. But not to worry. Just keep repeating the mantra: There are no abuses with Oregon’s assisted suicide law. There are no abuses. There are no abuses!
source: http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=67565

All that said, I’m a firm believer in a person’s right to die. I’m not talking about suicide, I’m talking about a fundamental right to say “I choose not to suffer any longer.” There’s a difference. A big difference. Someone says “Well, you can’t make that decision, because you’re depressed.” Well, goddammit, who the f*** wouldn’t be depressed if all they faced was suffering day after day after day with no hope of a normal life? Huge difference between that and the vast majority of needless suicides that happen for preventable reasons.

Paradoxically, in the context of the above story, even Oregon’s Right to Die laws are overly restrictive in that (unless money is involved, apparently) you need to be terminal within six months and find two doctors who are willing to put their careers on the line. The US doesn’t quite recognize Oregon’s laws, unless I misunderstood it. So much for federal government only being given powers expressly granted by the States…


Not Stellar Dive Buddy Material

If it saves on the cost of the annulment maybe he found it worthwhile, but as a diver myself, and the way he described it, he’s a confessed murderer right there. Everything in your training argues against what he did.

U.S. diver accused of honeymoon killing: An American tourist was charged with murder in Australia on Friday for allegedly drowning his wife during a honeymoon dive on the Greet Barrier Reef.

In the interviews, Watson said his new bride apparently had trouble a few minutes into the dive, panicked and clutched at his mask, pushing it off his face. He described seeing her, with her eyes wide and arms outstretched toward him, sinking into the deep.


His mask may have been off, but if he could see her wide eyes, he could see well enough to save her.

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Not too far from where I growed up, this is a small sleepy town. This is probably the biggest news in over a decade.

I like rats. I’ve owned a few of them and think they are kind little critters, clean, and generally have a nice temperament. But good grief, folks. These aren’t pets, they’re pests.

Sutherlin neighborhood trying to get rid of rats

Story Published: Jun 12, 2008 at 11:46 PM PDT
By Dan Bain

Rats are running rampant in one neighborhood in Sutherlin. That’s what the neighbors are saying.

Nearly 800 rats have been trapped from one rat-infested house. The city declared the property a nuisance back in March, and they’ve been working to clean up the problem. But residents worry it’s just a temporary fix.

Mary Pirkey said she’s dealt with lots of critters in her neighborhood from feral cats to raccoons. But when it comes to the rats, she is not happy.

“I’m mad, because hundreds of rats lived in the house across the street,” said Pirkey.

Pirkey said the smell is unbearable. She claimed the homeowner doesn’t believe in killing animals, so when a storm hit a year and a half ago that started the whole problem.

Pirkey said the neighbor created a safe-haven in his home for the critters.

But soon they multiplied, and so did the number of passers-by.

“They come down here they want to know where the rat house is.”

The city hired a pest removal company to lay traps, and they carted off 788 rats, but neighbors aren’t satisfied.

“They haven’t got them all yet. There’s no way they can get them all,” said neighbor Ralph Shultz.

The neighbors say you can still see the damage the rats have left behind, take a look at the house. You can see boards that are nailed to the front of the wall there. Neighbors claim those are patches to cover the holes the rats have chewed through.

The neighbors worry the rats will come back, unless the house is removed.

City officials say the homeowner didn’t break any health code, and will be expected to pay the $15-thousand bill.

source:  http://www.kpic.com/news/local/19881879.html

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