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We are still in a holding pattern with another doctor appointment in two weeks.  In the meantime we will see if a certain medication helps the family member in distress.  We’ll leave it vague like that to protect privacy.  No, it’s not me.

But at least we know more than we did this morning, which was (Jack + Squat) * 0,  which was coming out as “nothing” every single time.  So if you’re wired for anonymous prayers I’d count it as a kindness.

Luckily, tomorrow is Pączki Day, or Fat Tuesday, and I will eat three of them.  I will do so even if the food police come and take me away and torture me with rancid kelp milkshakes for a month.  I will have plum filling for one, raspberry (I hope they have, I do), and lemon (to me, it is saving the best for last).  Yes those last two are non-standard you-are-probably-going-to-culinary-hell ingredients but gosh darn it I love ’em.

Perhaps The Dude could weigh in on this and tell me if this is so or not.

And then I’ll calmly gobble them anyway.

The big questions readers are asking is “Lemur, what are you giving up for Lent?”

I honestly don’t know.  If I were to give up Shin Cups or toasted seaweed I could end up damaging my body severely.  You can’t just drop those sorts of things without considering the physical dependence upon them.

Perhaps I should give up something like All Bran™ or maybe grilled radicchio.  Or cuttlefish.  Or Yoo Hoo™.

So keep asking that question:  “Lemur, what are you giving up for Lent?”

Hopefully by now at least one or two readers are asking that question where none were before.

I hope to have an answer soon.  One year, believe it or not, I decided to forego any use of the internet that did not directly result from the requirements of work.  That was a sobering experience.  I wept, I gnashed teeth, I heaped dirt and coals upon my head.  Then I steeled myself and prepared to meet Day 2 head-on.

I know someone who once gave up booze and chocolate at the same time and some say it drove her stark bug-shit crazy-insane.  Some say she suffers from the trauma to this day.


Meanwhile, yes, I am still pondering the last portion of that short story Aggie Sith demanded a while back.  A whopping 11% of people reading this blog have expressed continued interest – both of them did so more than once, I should add.

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