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On Drudge, a picture that does my heart well.  I want the democrats to be so spooked that they actually think about what kind of asses they’ve been since the election.  It has all the ugly feel of looters robbing stores and homes after a riot.Health Care Brawling

The White House has asked for people to “report disinformation” to keep a list of what is being said (presumably they’ll get notification of who is spreading disinformation).   This is interesting because days later, another Democrat – a congressman – has a story run on some of his utterances.

Baird said he’s using the new system [telephone town hall meetings] because he fears his political opponents may be planning “an ambush” to disrupt his meetings, using methods Baird compared to Nazism.

What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” Baird, D-Vancouver, said in a phone interview. “I mean that very seriously.”

Health Care Brawling2

Funny, congressman… I was about to say the same exact words…  Anyway, the telephone town hall thing will go like this:

Secret schedule
Here’s how it’ll work: if you happen to be sitting near a publicly listed Clark County telephone line on the right day at the right time, your phone will ring.

In order to avoid software problems, Baird’s office says, the exact date and time will be kept secret from the public.

If you answer your landline, an automated message will ask whether you have a question for your Congressman.

Press *3, and you’ll be asked your location and the subject of your question. Sitting at his own telephone at an as-yet-undisclosed location, Baird then will choose a name based on its location and the topic.

There will be no further pre-screening, Baird said. After the call is over, the recording will be posted on his Web site.

Baird said the phone interviews will include “a much better cross-section of the public” than some live town halls.

Yeah, sure… and if a few calls get dropped due to “uncomfortable subject matter” who i s


Peggy Noonan said it well:

We have entered uncharted territory in the fight over national health care. There’s a new tone in the debate, and it’s ugly. At the moment the Democrats are looking like something they haven’t looked like in years, and that is: desperate.

I’m like a termite in a sawmill – there’s so many goodies to grab here.  She continues:

They must know at this point they should not have pushed a national health-care plan. A Democratic operative the other day called it “Hillary’s revenge.” When Mrs. Clinton started losing to Barack Obama in the primaries 18 months ago, she began to give new and sharper emphasis to her health-care plan. Mr. Obama responded by talking about his health-care vision. He won. Now he would push what he had been forced to highlight: Health care would be a priority initiative. The net result is falling support for his leadership on the issue, falling personal polls, and the angry town-hall meetings that have electrified YouTube.

In his first five months in office, Mr. Obama had racked up big wins—the stimulus, children’s health insurance, House approval of cap-and-trade. But he stayed too long at the hot table. All the Democrats in Washington did. They overinterpreted the meaning of the 2008 election, and didn’t fully take into account how the great recession changed the national mood and atmosphere.

This is probably one of the most important things to take home, but no politician is going to recognize it for what it is:

And so the shock on the faces of Congressmen who’ve faced the grillings back home. And really, their shock is the first thing you see in the videos. They had no idea how people were feeling. Their 2008 win left them thinking an election that had been shaped by anti-Bush, anti-Republican, and pro-change feeling was really a mandate without context.

She backs up my assessment:

The passions of the protesters, on the other hand, are not a surprise. They hired a man to represent them in Washington. They give him a big office, a huge staff and the power to tell people what to do. They give him a car and a driver, sometimes a security detail, and a special pin showing he’s a congressman. And all they ask in return is that he see to their interests and not terrify them too much. Really, that’s all people ask. Expectations are very low. What the protesters are saying is, “You are terrifying us.”

Noonan’s op/ed is so spot on it hurts.  She mentions the accusations by the dems that any protest at town-hall meetings is the work of the VRWC (vast right-wing conspiracy):

What the town-hall meetings represent is a feeling of rebellion, an uprising against change they do not believe in. And the Democratic response has been stunningly crude and aggressive.

Anyhow, everything is always about the dems, their messiah, and the demon hordes out to get those who fight for justice and the little people.

Then came the Democratic Party charge that the people at the meetings were suspiciously well-dressed, in jackets and ties from Brooks Brothers. They must be Republican rent-a-mobs. Sen. Barbara Boxer said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that people are “storming these town hall meetings,” that they were “well dressed”, that “this is all organized,” “all planned,” to “hurt our president.” Here she was projecting. For normal people, it’s not all about Barack Obama.


Update on the white racists that pushed out a pic of Obama made to look like the joker.  Well, there must’ve been some black racists that did the one of Bush last year.

JOKERSareWILDBut the earlier one couldn’t have been about race.  Never mind they are both presidents being mocked, this new one has to be racially motivated.

More racially-motivated racism stuff courtesy of The Patriot Post



Sick Stupid Pig of the Year award goes to….

MARTIN COUNTY – Martin County Sheriff’s detectives didn’t buy it when a 48-year-old Jensen Beach man claimed that his cat was downloading child pornography on his computer.

Keith R. Griffin, of the 3600 block of Northeast Jeannette Drive, was charged Wednesday with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after detectives found more than 1,000 child pornographic images on his computer, according to a news release.

Griffin told detectives he would leave his computer on and his cat would jump on the keyboard.

Terminate him with prejudice.  Save us all some money.  Won’t help the kids but it is guaranteed that he won’t cause any further problems.

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Update: Time to play “Where’s My Porkulus Money?


While the Porkulus Package being shoved by Obama and congress-critters is predicated on fear, loathing, and hysteria, let’s try to get some perspective.

No one is denying that the financial situation is not bad or that the job situation is not a rather harsh toke.

But to go and do everything, even anything, based on emotional assumptions not rooted in fact is kind of dangerous.

Look at the Unemployment Rate:


click to embiggen

It is safe to say that 4% unemployment is always there.  These are people who are laid off through normal influences, fired, had to leave for reasons out of their control, and those who just couldn’t be employed if you threw jobs at them.

Unemployment is now at 7.6%.  In the 70’s and 80’s it was at 9% and almost 11% respectively.  It’s been over 7% six times since 1948.  Go to the source on the graph and look at the key historical events they’ve noted and look at the relationships.

Inflation rates:

click to embiggen

click to embiggen

We’re actually seeing it go down.  Which (1) has it’s own problems, and (2) means that our gov’t just might be stupid enough to print vast scads of money to offset it and to get more money “out there”.  This would be bad.  Very very bad.

Far better to treat this as a market adjustment and stop trying to fix everything by using methods that might make it worse by driving inflation up very rapidly.

Just trying to put this all in perspective.  Just like antivirus companies have it in their best interest to make you concerned about the horrible dangers around every corner, so too do economists and reporters have a built-in bias to add to any assessment of the economy.  Here’s a great example of fearmongering that actually acts as a sh*t-multiplier:

Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., said the U.S. may slump into a “mini depression” unless policy makers spend trillions of dollars to spur growth.  – Bloomberg.com

Yeah, that’s real helpful guys, and you could do it all in the name of “public service” and feel good about yourselves.  I’m not saying suppress the news, just make sure people realize that this is a guy’s opinion not fact.  The key word there was “may“, and you also need to understand why he said that, what his motivation is – of course he wants more money freed up… for him and his ilk.  But by scaring people you will cause them to be even more cautious and thus locking up more money.  We’ve already seen how “helping the credit markets” has done precious damn little down here on earth – it has allowed the companies themselves to pad themselves, not really free up money to be loaned.

Here’s another example of why I believe panic is… bad.

CBO, the official scorekeepers for legislation, said the House and Senate bills will help in the short term but result in so much government debt that within a few years they would crowd out private investment, actually leading to a lower Gross Domestic Product over the next 10 years than if the government had done nothing. – WA Times

For more fun, find Dick Morris and read his piece on why throwing money out there just isn’t going to work – it’s too simplistic.  Keynsian  Fallacy.


Poor Obama.  He’s found out that when you’re not being worshipped continually doing work worthy of being commended for is… work… and it ain’t easy.  Notice how the media isn’t throwing softballs nearly as much?

Obama bemoans: Everyone’s an economist
Feb 6 12:22 PM US/Eastern

Comments (23)
WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says in Washington these days, everyone’s an economist—or thinks they are.

Obama introduced a team of outside economic advisers Friday at a White House ceremony in which he also renewed his demand that Congress act quickly on his economic recovery package.

As the country struggles with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Obama said there has been no shortage of advice on how to solve the nation’s woes.

“You’ve got some economists and some folks who think they’re economists. By the way, these days everybody thinks they’re economists,” he joked.


For a bit of comic relief, go check out a blog devoted to… Cake Wrecks.

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