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South of the Border

In Mexico, they report six people (possibly terrorists?) are nearing release after being picked up in relation to the Cobalt-60 theft. Maybe part of the Al-Queso terrorist branch?

Six people picked up, supposedly the stuff is accounted for, even though it was removed from its container.

However, Hidalgo state Health Minister Pedro Luis Noble said that while the six suffered from skin irritation and dizziness, none was in grave condition and they could be released soon. Only one was vomiting, a sign of radiation poisoning.

Uh… No. Just no. If they opened that thing, they are dead. If they are not dying, someone else opened it.

Fishy as hell. If they knew how to safely open it, then there would be no reason to dump it nearby, unless they took just some of it, because the effort and knowledge to do so implies you know what you want to do with it.

I read the IAEA report on the Thailand version of this sort of craziness/stupidity. Link here if you have the stomach for the kind of damage this stuff does. I was looking it over and CW saw what I was doing as she brought me some dinner and said “Here, enjoy your lentil soup.” Mmmm-mmm!

It kills stuff. Hands, legs, germs, anything with any chance of living… dead. The Everclear and Methanol Blend of the nuclear world, mostly. Imagine frostbite or serious burns combined with HF exposure, and that still isn’t right.

So anyhow, the Mexico thing doesn’t add up. People are either dying or stuff is missing. Anything other than that points to things Not Good.

I then remembered an XKCD.com graphic on radiation. A science friend of mine said “Yep, that seems about right.”



Ok, enough serious stuff.

Meet Parkour Pooch. Not news but I saw it on tv last night. Cool dog.



This link is with Mitchell, the artiste, in mind.

I heard an interview with Teller of Penn and Teller, where he spoke (yes, he has a voice) of a documentary they did on making a Vermeer. It was awesome and I have some respect for P&T in spite of some personal flaws. pobody’s Nerfect.

Not sure I get what their problem is – I know I get excited about people depending on me to put in money to pay for services I probably won’t need anytime soon.

Mike Hostetler, founder and CEO of AppendTo, a company that has built websites for Time Magazine, Pitney Bowes, Lenovo.com and Celebrity Cruises, says the three most important things in getting young people to revisit a site are responsive web design across desktops, tablets and mobile, clean and clear user experiences and a quick load time. A criteria list that healthcare.gov fails to meet.

Yeah, and because it doesn’t use a Wii or Xbox controller, too. It is really pretty insulting to assume that the reasons for not being on-board cannot be related to not agreeing with the stupid program. Why is it everyone assumes that non-agreement with this implies ignorance rather than informed choice?

“Millennials” cannot be blamed for not wanting to be milked like cash cows. How long until they (and the rest of us paying) are threatened with even harsher consequences for noncompliance?I

It is just un-policed mugging, is all.

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