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So, the House passed a health care bill. A senior republican predicts they’ll pay a high price and the dems disagree with that notion.

But the Democrat in charge of defending his party’s majority in the House next year said Democrats took their cue Saturday from voters’ “message” in the 2008 election, which sent President Obama to the White House and strengthened Democratic majorities in Congress. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said voters were upset that Republicans “did nothing” about issues like health care while they were in power and wanted Washington to step up to the plate.

Funny but none of them really get it.  It wasn’t a mandate for the democrats, it was a rallying against the republicans.  One year.  The clock is ticking and there is one year in which they must try to do as much damage as possible before they are voted out.


Oh?  It’ll cost $15K just to buy it?  The penalties are even higher?

With logic that is breathtaking, the Democrats have plunged and rushed in where even fools fear to tread.

According to the Congressional Budget Office the lowest cost family non-group plan under the Speaker’s bill would cost $15,000 in 2016.

Another shining example of just how naive I can be – I could not picture how anything could be stupider than the health care plans we’ve seen already.   I have been clueless, because these iron-fisted idiots have stupid down to a high art form.

Today, Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI) released a letter from the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) confirming that the failure to comply with the individual mandate to buy health insurance contained in the Pelosi health care bill (H.R. 3962, as amended) could land people in jail.  The JCT letter makes clear that Americans who do not maintain “acceptable health insurance coverage” and who choose not to pay the bill’s new individual mandate tax (generally 2.5% of income), are subject to numerous civil and criminal penalties, including criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.

In response to the JCT letter, Camp said:  “This is the ultimate example of the Democrats’ command-and-control style of governing – buy what we tell you or go to jail.  It is outrageous and it should be stopped immediately.

This has gone from being “just a bad idea” to “downright scary in scope and ignorance of economics”.

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