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Obama, honey… is it supposed to be this soft?


I have heard of Adult Babies before.  Paraphilic Infantilism.

Let’s pretend that this guy has written to Dr. Lemur for his advice on how to handle society’s bias against PI’s.

Dear Dr. Lemur,

I am an adult baby.  I am thirty and a half years old.  I am being told by adults that being given money by the government for my condition is wrong.

I wrote to the Washington Times the following letter:

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care,” the California man said. “I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.

I cannot believe that they would put my diaper and formula money in jeopardy.  Where would I and Nana Sandra go if our disability checks were to go away?

Can you offer suggestions to make them take me seriously?



PS:  I have also sent a picture of me and Nana Sandra while I was having an afternoon snack.

Dr. Lemur, do you have anything you would like to say to Stanley Thornton Jr’s letter?

Dear Stanley,

First, your condition is one of the oddest affectations going.  I am frankly surprised that you have been allowed to continue on in this vein for so long.  I am even more surprised at how piss-poor of a job your parents did in raising you, you incredible black hole of need, you.

Sadly, your bizarre fetish has only been strengthened by the National Geographic, where you have been given a sensationalized spotlight center-stage position.

Sadder still is that many of our troops have died and sacrificed for so much freedom, which includes your little self-involved world where you are allowed to be as useless as a human being can be and still breathe, and all that while you are paid to do it on the backs of people who work for  a living.  The odds are very high that you are loathed throughout any cross-section of the military or society in general that you choose to investigate.

I would like to suggest that you either (a) grow up in a hurry and get a job like everyone else as opposed to being a useless sack of shit, or (b) get yourself a nice on-line body bag, zip yourself in it, and duct tape a gallon-sized bag over your head.  Either way is a win for taxpayers who already take your personal character flaws and failings seriously, and who will dance in the streets as you leave behind your pathetic lifestyle and embrace your future (whichever road you feel you must travel after your pathetic ass is removed from society’s feeding trough) rather than a bottle and a soggy diaper.

In other words Stanley – stop being a dickhead and become a worthwhile part of society or leave it.  You choose.  Ultimatums should never be given if you aren’t completely willing to follow through with your threatened behavior.  Go ahead Stanley, get serious.  Step up or zip up.

Sincerely disgusted,

Dr. Lemur

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Update:  The next installment of A Lemur’s Life (or whatever I’m calling it these days) will be “Driving to Michigan with a Drugged Cat in the Truck”.  That’s a long-ish one and honestly will take some consultation with Cruel Wife to get part of the details right.


Ok, here’s the deal.

Dad always said “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.”

What he really meant was “If you ask me something, be damn sure you want to know what I really think, because that’s all you’re going to get.”  Sonofagun stuck to that one, too.

I tell Cruel Wife “I want the truth, not what you think I want to hear.”

This is not (not) (NOT) (NOT) a fishing for compliments expedition – that’s a waste of your time and mine.  Comments are welcome, compliments only if they’re deserved, and tell me what I need to hear if you comment – got it?   I hate wasted effort.   Even if you don’t think I should do it now or ever, let me know why, m’kay.  Seriously.  It’s honest feedback that makes one grow.  I don’t know a single person who improved based on only good warm-fuzzies.  Trust me, I will not take it personally – it’s a favor you’re doing me.


Yay!  My troll got pissy!

Warning:  Strong Content for More Sensitive Readers – Obscene Troll Advisory.

Well, Oldcatman was very very upset when I picked up my ball and went home.

Who would like to hear what his last two comments that were that were picked up in my spam filter?

Very predictable…..you deleted my last comment…good for you.

The only thing I regret with these various tit for tat comment wars is I’D LOVE TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH YOU ALL……with an aluminum bat in my hands.

About helping people, I spent nearly 50 years helping people in health care.

See ya, sport.

-Oldcatman, whose unoriginality with the parting shot misses the mark about as much as his threats of physical violence

Hmmm.  Glad to see you took the high road on that one.  You in the health care biz?.  This is where the “thousands” of people who love you come from?  A sweetheart like you?  Oh, please.  I would sooner eat broken glass than have a person like you take care of me

Guess what, Oldcatman?  I didn’t delete you out of fear – I wasn’t afraid of what you’d say but because, seriously – you’re lame.  I mean really really sad.  You followed me from someone else’s blog because you decided you didn’t like me.  Did you seriously think I’d spend a lot of time listening to your brand of drug-addled lunacy here at my place?

Quick show of hands, folks.

Already a sorry excuse for a human being, you descended to your next lower level.


(To be deleted)

Oldcatman, in the last permanent thing he’ll utter on my blog unless he’s such a limp member that he spoofs an e:mail address

Guess what, sport?  I didn’t delete that one, either in spite of the rapier wit contained within it.

Note:  The “sport” was my line originally, not his.

I will delete anything you say from here on out so save your energy.

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