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They predicted snow, so I thought I’d be proactive and left earlier than the rush-hour commute.

Took 1-1/2 hours to drive home.

Took 5 minutes to answer a call from The Dude asking if I had inadvertently picked up his keys.

Took 30 seconds to stare at the unfamiliar ring of keys that were in my left pocket.

Took 2 seconds to say “Oh… shit.”

Took 2 hours to drive back to work.

Along the way, the check engine light came on and oil pressure dropped to 20psi.

Took 1-1/2 hours to drive home again.

I should have just stayed at work.  I drove in show † snow for five hours today.

My editor caught a boo-boo speling errer.  Whupski.

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Be very afraid…

It’s not just Obama that scares me… it’s the idiots like this who think that Obama and the gov’t are going to give them all free stuff that really scares me.  The damn money comes from somewhere, you idiots.

Those are the idiots who are going to vote for Obama.  That is scary.


Apparently intimidation is only ok if it is a bunch of black militant guys doing the intimidation otherwise it’s disenfranchisement.

More hereAnd here.

Remember, there is no minority whether they are in reality oppressed or they have a feeling of being oppressed, that wouldn’t gladly turn the tables if the opportunity presented itself.  That is borne out time and time again.  Nothing special here because it is not a one-time occurrance.

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