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Veeshir boycotted my blog.  Not even SALMA HAYEK screaming “Veeshir, come back!” and falling out of her top (see sidebar at right) was enough to keep him from boycotting Lemur King’s Folly.

This would NOT do.  Hillary Clinton unattended at the top of my blog for days was understandably an assault on the eyes, and Scarlett Johansson was not up long enough to salve his corneas (And she is dating Sean Penn?  WTF?), so he was understandably soul-injured and skittish afterwards.  Then he just became peevish and intractable.  When Salma doesn’t work, drastic measures must be taken.

So I decided that I must drop the bomb for the sake of peace.  The Boob Bomb™©.

Instant fame to the person who recognizes who the boob came from!!†

I have now looked at so many porn-star boobs to find “the perfect one”, only to find 999 times out of 1000 some butt-ugly guy on a couch with some chick with silicone filled hooters that have their own zip codes, that I’m probably going to need some kind of therapy.  The things I do for peace.

I asked Cruel Wife if she would rather be the model of said boob, which would keep me from having to -ahem- research.  She said, and I quote “No f***ing way.”


For Curtal Friar… a recipe.  There are two pages in that PDF – it “printed” oddly, but both sides of the recipe card are there.


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This is an update to todays “Of Groundhogs and Sexual Identity Confusion” post (below this one).

As usual, a cleric from the religion of peace decreed that not only was killing completely justified he urged more.


Was it family killers?  (oops, no, look all through the middle east on that one)

Child molesters?  (oops, no, see article below)

Indiscriminate bombings?  (oops, no, see Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.. and Yemen, and Saudi Arabia…)

No, it was for speaking out.

A powerful hard-line Iranian cleric on Friday called for the execution of more opposition activists to silence anti-government protests, praising the hanging a day earlier of two men caught up in the leadership’s postelection crackdown.


“Whatever we suffered was because of our weakness. How many did the judiciary execute on July 9?” [Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati] said, referring to one of the particularly large protest days.

“We showed weakness, so then we had Ashoura,” he said, referring to a major protest on Dec. 27. “If you show weakness now, the future will be worse … There is no room for Islamic mercy.”

What has the Iranian establishment suffered, exactly?  Just the results of being a corrupt bunch of vermin.  Not too bad, all things considered.

Iran and so many cockroach tinpot dictator countries (lets lump China in there)  just can’t seem to understand that if you want to be taken seriously and with respect as an equal, you gotta stop stomping on people for speaking their minds.

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Well how about it, boys and girls?

  • You get Pro-Choice when it comes to abortions (aka killing children if you’re not one making a “choice”) but damn your everlasting soul if you even THINK about buying an incandescent bulb. So much do we feel so, that we’ll just keep y’all from having a choice… Fight Global Warming (Nuts)

Definition: Granola State – Take away all the nuts and flakes – what have you got? Really, what you have after said subtraction is a handful of people who are barricaded in their homes because they believe in conservative principles and that people ought to be responsible for themselves, not a nanny-state filled to the rafters with smelly, no-account, delusional people wearing hemp. Taxonomically: Hippie Campus Freeloaderus. When weighing the Granola State against the Socialist State a sparrow could starve on the difference.

  • Excuse me sir, may I see your permit to smoke…? Great Britain Smokes, But Not Cigarettes Don’t laugh – I’m not a fan of smoking but it’s a free country and guess what – this attitude is coming to the US. It’ll never be outlawed but they’ll tax the hell out of it and hope to hell that nobody quits because it is a self-righteous way to rake in more tax money.

As soon as I make the next statement someone will say some BS along the lines of “Well, I saw one better at… blah blah blah.” Save us both the hassle, if you think you’re going to say it, just go away. Ok, now I’m going to say it…

  • I’ve never seen a wrestling move like this. Wow. Over on “Absolute Moral Authority” Wicked Wrestling Move I imagine, once hit with this one, you end up pinned and saying “HUH? What the HELL? What is going ON HERE?!?”

This picture came with a warning in a friend’s e:mail. Thank God for friends… “Hershey’s Chocolate Can Cause Small Feet!” Evil Stuff, that Chocolate…

Lastly, for this post I wanted to plop down a link thrown out there by Steamboat McGoo over at Aardvarks and Asshats. You need to go to his site and watch that video with the oh-so-peace-lovin’ wabbits – it is SO peaceful at the end. And those wabbits worked hard for it. Go here.

New addition/edit to this post – inspired by McGoo, I’m embedding one of my favorite videos, “Ah, L’amore”

Now go rustle some feathers. Scare a lib today.

– LK

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