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A bit over a week ago I had that cold/flu/ebola thing that just kicked the everloving stuffing out of me.  I worked from home Wednesday and then returned to work the rest of the week, unable to hear a damn thing – this is not a good thing when you started life with only half your hearing in the first place, because what is left is at a premium. And then there were the headaches.  And toothaches.  And the green stuff.

After searching the web:

First try a saline spray, decongestant, or antihistamine.

I was later told that all of the above were bad and no-no-offlimitsverbotenevil.  It was explained to me that using one of those came with a high risk of tearing the fabric of space and time, possibly leading to a resurgence of Richard Simmons exercise re-runs on prime-time TV, and nobody wants that.

Staying well hydrated can keep nasal secretions flowing freely, preventing stuffiness that can harbor infection.

If staying well-hydrated were of universally huge benefit, people would not have to see the doctor ever, would they?  I drank as much coffee, tea, and Red Bull™ as I could choke down, to no effect.  Additionally, I have never been accused of being “stuffy”.

Capsaicin pepper spray is an alternative remedy showing some promise.

Take it from me, Michigan-legal pepper spray does NOTHING for your sinuses beyond making you wish you could die an instant death, so just don’t even go there.  They are full of sh*t.  There’s absolutely no promise to pepper spray beyond the one of intense agony.  Fool me once, shame on you… fool me seventeen times shame on me.  But it was worth a shot.

If symptoms persist, talk to your doctor about prescription remedies. Antibiotics can cure bacterial infections and reduce swelling in sinuses.

Yeah.  Ok.  Symptoms persisted.  The web says go see a doctor.

What’s that, Cruel Wife?  You’ve been saying that for days?  Sure you have.  I’d have noticed.

So the doc said Friday morning that it is not an ear infection.  She had to say it several times apparently because I was not looking at her the first few times.  Nope, it’s a raging nasty sinus infection.  That made sense because she had just looked up my nose and muttered something about greens and reds and:

“Yuk, gross.”

With the ink still wet on the Rx in my hand I left the office, dragging myself across the waiting room floor for the amusement of the other patients.

The doc insisted that the current disease floating around seems to snicker at Zithromax and then turn around and smack you a few more times for giving it any hassle.  Zithromax then goes and sits on the bench, wishing it could someday be in the major leagues.  Well, she didn’t say that, but I thought it.

The pill, (the color of an inflamed internal organ, interestingly) is roughly the size of an obese ping-pong ball or a hairless hamster without legs.  It appears to be covered in a leathery shell and studded with Teflon™ covered spikes to make it go down easier.

Two days later I’m still kind of feeling like I’ve been eaten by ravenous wolves, improperly digested, crapped out, and re-shaped into a thing resembling a Lemur.

“Have patience!” the Medicos say.  “It usually takes (wait… what day is this? two days?) … uh, THREE days for the stuff to work.”

So much for nine days ago when I thought “Meh, this is just a wimpy little bug, life will go on and I will laugh it off! (ho ho ho ho)”  I guess you don’t always get to make that call.  My boss was out two weeks and then still has had a day here and there out sick so it could be worse, hm?

At the moment I am very very energy-less.  Feel ok for a bit, get ambitious about some big project like picking up a piece of paper on the floor, and CRASH – woozy and as listless as a Occupy America devotee.

Because of all of this I suggest very strongly that you avoid getting the currently circulating cold/flu/ebola/listeria-pox thing lest it dissolve into the green phlegm of sinus hell.  It’s not worth your time.


Right after the doctor visit, I picked up my new reading glasses.  Friday night I asked Girlhead “Ok, be truthful, do you think the new glasses look cool or do they just make me look old?”

She looked at me with this grin and said “No, Dad, they make you look like a GEEK.”

I did ask for honesty, and the girl is brutally honest.  Always has been.  I like that about her.  My opinion is if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask.  Or, even if you don’t like the truth, don’t blame the person you asked because… you asked.

“Yeah, but is it geeky in a good way or in a bad way?”

(Pausing to consider)  “Good, I think.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”

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The Bear Facts

Update: Up to half of House Democrats to vote *Hillary* at Convention.

As I mentioned in an earlier post if Hillary can damage Obama enough she can manipulate events, and the Clintons are masters of this in a controlled environment.  Her ball is still in play.

All she has to do is rattle Obama enough to make herself look like the better choice and she’s got no shortage of lackeys willing to assist and “encourage” her to soldier onwards.  $20 says she’s hoping for a trickle in the group-think dynamics that gains momentum.


Update #2: Sun Stays Sluggish as Weathermen Fight for Anti-Ice Age Funding

Posted this before, I think, but gosh-darn it, some things are worth looking at again.


He’s got the bear necessities… Note:  Damn few facts are presented here.

Bear roaming in county

Animal spotted several times in Manchester area

Saturday, August 16, 2008

BY TRACY DAVIS,  The Ann Arbor News

A bear certainly isn’t something you expect to see in Washtenaw County.

But that’s exactly what four farm workers spotted at the edge of a Freedom Township potato field one day last week.

And they aren’t the only ones.

State wildlife officials say a young male black bear has been sighted in southwestern Washtenaw County several times in the last few weeks.

The most recent sighting was in Manchester, said Michigan Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Mary Dettloff. A resident got some images of a bear on his property with a webcam Monday.

The lone bear may be a sign of things to come, wildlife officials say: Bears have been steadily moving south from northern lower Michigan and are likely to be living among us someday.

“It’s obvious that the bear population is expanding and moving into” new areas, Dettloff said.

Bears once lived in all of Michigan, as well as much of the United States. Hunted and trapped out of many areas, they’ve slowly begun to return to some.

Black bears are smaller and considered less aggressive than their brown bear and grizzly bear cousins. Attacks are rare, but they do happen.

According to the North American Bear Center, 61 people have been killed by black bears in North America since 1900 – 46 of them in Alaska or Canada.

Most black bears flee when they see people, wildlife officials say. [more…]

Much different from other bears we know.




Brings to mind the now old joke:

Bear Advisory

The Forest Service has issued a BEAR WARNING in the national forests for this summer. They’re urging everyone to protect themselves by wearing bells and carrying pepper spray.

Campers should be alert for signs of fresh bear activity, and they should be able to tell the difference between Black Bear dung and Grizzy Bear dung.

Black Bear dung is rather small and round. Sometimes you can see fruit seeds and/or squirrel fur in it.

Grizzly Bear dung has bells in it, and smells like pepper spray.

Speaking of pepper spray… here’s a new graphic that I cooked up.

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