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So I’m sitting there one day and wondering to myself… why did the first person to get high off of a toad lick it?

Did they hold the toad in their hand, sheltering it with their body,  look furtively side to side, and then dart their tongue out for a lightning-fast lick before anyone would notice?  THEN what?  Say nothing, act casual while you fly through several takes of Heavy Metal?

(click to embigger it)

So then I started thinking… what if you stuck a popsicle stick up it’s hoo-hoo and walked around like it was a popsicle?  Who would you use for such a graphic?  If I’d used Samuel L. Jackson (who I happen to love as an actor) he’d have kicked my ass and rightfully so.  John Cusack would’ve been really good because he could look cool and hilarious at the same time, but he’d never bite.

Which brought up more questions than answers regarding toads.  How do you keep ’em fresh?  Freezers?  Do they lose potency when frozen?  What about other preservation methods?

So, in keeping with my newfound love of old advertisements, I figured I’d try a 40’s style mixed in with some contemporary and a hint of satire.  A big hint.  Pip Boy (or Shelter Boy) was the guest star because he’s always pretty upbeat and I love Fallout type games.

See what sleep deprivation and Nyquil get you?

Oh yes… tomorrow is P-Day.

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