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Earned it.

I am not condoning theft, but if you are willing to hog a bathroom for a whole flight, crawl through panels into the cargo area, steal $200K (plus change), and then complain of heart troubles all so you can make a buck… hell, you’ve earned it.  Keep it.

Passenger steals $238,000 dollars.


So who made Moore the official spokeswhore of the Wisconsin Losers Club?

Captain Corpulent at his best.


Not sure who won the caption for the first photo of yesterday’s posting, but I can tell you that mrmacs got it on the last one.

We’ll get to it when we’re done with our union break.

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UPDATE: Oooh, yet another reason why you should vote for Obama… OR ELSE.

UPDATE #2:  Obama’s answer to those of us who don’t want higher taxes:  Selfishness.

Lemur King’s Note: What?  I’m selfish because the level I think I have a right to keep as the fruits of my labors is different than yours?  Well effin’ bite me, Obama.  I could at least look at you without sneering but now I’d probably spit on you, you arrogant creep.


This from Drudge:

The Obama campaign has decided to heave out three newspapers from its plane for the final days of its blitz across battleground states -- and all three endorsed Sen. John McCain for president!

The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have all been told to move out by Sunday to make room for network bigwigs -- and possibly for the inclusion of reporters from two black magazines, ESSENCE and JET, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Despite pleas from top editors of the three newspapers that have covered the campaign for months at extraordinary cost, the Obama campaign says their reporters -- and possibly others -- will have to vacate their coveted seats so more power players can document the final days of Sen. Barack Obama's historic campaign to become the first black American president.


Some told the DRUDGE REPORT that the reporters are being ousted to bring on documentary film-makers to record the final days; others expect to see on board more sympathetic members of the media, including the NY TIMES' Maureen Dowd, who once complained that she was barred from McCain's Straight Talk Express airplane.

And Fox…  Three Reporters Removed from Obama Plane:

Journalists from three major newspapers that endorsed John McCain — the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News — have been booted from Barack Obama’s campaign plane for the final leg of the presidential race.

Well, I gotta say that on one hand I’m not surprised.  On the other hand, if you really did have space problems, who you gonna ditch?  Are you going to get rid of the people that fawn over you and stroke your ego or the ones that you don’t like because you think they don’t like you?

Here I want to point out –

  1. Obama is about change.  No idea what kind of change or how he plans to do it, but he’s about change
  2. Obama is already setting up his election party, so sure is he that he’s going to win
  3. Obama’s actions from being evasive to hiding his past to throwing out folks he doesn’t like to arrogant moves like #2… expect more control because he’s not going to change when he gets in power except to become even more like himself
  4. Nancy Pelosi says that control of both the house and senate by the Democrats will be a much more bipartisan thing and we should not worry
  5. Supreme court seats may be up for grabs
  6. Obama is the most liberal member out there
  7. If Obama wins it is because we’ve moved beyond race, but if he loses it is because we are not beyond race.  Just who is it that hasn’t moved beyond race again?  This kind of thinking that is so prevalent among Obama supporters frankly scares me
  8. Socialism is what the Democrats are after
  9. We can’t afford Social Security – do you really think that adding national health coverage is going to help anyone in the long term?

Even if you’re democrat, do you really want a bunch of people with that much power?  Any bunch of like-thinking people with that much power?  What happens if they all decide to embark on a really bad idea?  What kind of checks are there against it?  Think long and hard before you answer.

This election is about Control, not Change.

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You could be spam-bombed like myself today.  In the 30’s and counting in the last 20 minutes.  Bills, undeliverables, and viruses – oh my!  You’d think that maybe perhaps they’d think “Hey, if we send him a clogged colon’s worth of badly speled and grammar horible emales… maybe he might get suspicious”… but no, they just keep a-sending them out there, presumably because my IQ drops over the course of the day and I’ll slip up and open one or answer one.

Note:  “clogged colon”… see McGoo, everything does ultimately reduce to the ol’ poop chute in the final analysis.  Your axiom is correct.


You could be in a bad spot that coulda been worse, like on a sudden-drop plane. Qantas Passengers Suffer Broken Bones During In-Flight Altitude Drop, Emergency Landing.


Or, you could just be grateful for the escapism represented by a game you pre-ordered (like myself)… Far Cry 2 for example.


You could be related to an asshole like this guy, who saw bad finances to be the perfect reason for killing himself and his entire family.

Oh yeah, that’s honorable, you creep.


You could be one of us non-baby-boomer taxpayers who not only have our own portfolio hit, but will soon have to foot the bill for so many others at retirement age.  Down $2 Trillion dollars.  Nice.

More than half the people surveyed in a recent Associated Press-GfK poll said they worry that they will have to work longer because the value of their retirement savings has declined.

Well, the way I see it, my retirement plan at this rate will be… death.  I will get to retire when I’m dead, to pay everyone else off for their damned sob stories on top of my own.  Such is the price of life in a quasi-socialist state that can’t even do that correctly.


You could read this and have an aneurysm.

Lehman’s Fuld: Where was our bailout?

I want to chew nails when I read some pinhead like this whine about not getting a bailout.  How about the thousands and thousands of small businesses that have and will fail because they can’t get a line of credit to do daily business?


But there is JUSTICE in the world.  Not complete justice, but when the Ex-CEO of Lehman Brothers is attacked and knocked out cold on a gym treadmill, you have to smile.


Or you could read this…

I’m not even going to comment on this other than to say “Tell me what YOU don’t like about anything in this article.”

Pressured to Take More Risk, Fannie Reached Tipping Point


You could be frightened.  Damn, if this is “lifelike”… I don’t want to see the failed attempts.  With all due respect to families of deceased everywhere, I think they could take some lessons from morticians, who by and large do a damn good job.


Did you know that race is a factor in this election?  Emphasis mine…

Marian Wright Edelman, President and founder, Children’s Defense Fund:

In a high-stakes election like this I think we’re going to see many intense discussions among the campaigns about a number of issues. The fact that Barack Obama is now the Democratic party nominee for President of the U.S. demonstrates how far our country has come in terms of race. But, despite great progress over the past forty years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, peril still remains to snuff out the hopes and dreams and lives of millions of children

Got that?  If he wins, it’s progress, if he loses it’s snuffing hopes and dreams and lives of millions of children.  So **** yeah, race is a factor.  Cripes.


You could be self-righteous (righteously so) and wonder why these questions aren’t asked of reporters.

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You can’t make this stuff up. Here ya go, buddy ol’ pal… anything we can do to help. What? The hydraulics had issues? Wow. We certainly had no idea…

Obama’s Plane Scare

July 08, 2008 7:36 AM


By the time we all heard about it the unscheduled stop that the campaign plane of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, made in St. Louis yesterday was ultimately uneventful. But the incident was quite dicey there for a spell. As the pilot struggled to re-gain control of the pitch of the plane – the angle of the nose of the plane – Obama was told that he and the other 44 passengers on board might have to assume the brace position upon landing, bending forward with their heads between their knees. That ultimately did not happen, but National Transportation Safety Board chairman Mark Rosenker told ABC News’ Dennis Powell yesterday that the incident “is extremely serious in this particular case.” An inflatable slide in the tail cone of the plane had deployed, making control of the plane tough. “There are hydraulic lines back there,” Rosenker says. ‘There are control cables that deal with the elevators and other area’s of control surfaces for the aircraft, and could potentially make it extremely difficult if not impossible to fly the aircraft.” Three fire trucks met the plane on the tarmac in St. Louis. Obama called his wife Michelle to let her know he was fine before she saw anything on TV about the plane’s unscheduled landing. The plane was supposed to land in Charlotte, NC. This was not Obama’s regular campaign plane, which is being overhauled. It was a loaner, having previously been used by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY.


Oh Hypocrisy, Get Thee Behind Me.

G8 summit: Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks

By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor in Hokkaido, Japan
Last updated: 2:03 AM BST 08/07/2008

Gordon Brown and his fellow world leaders have sparked outrage after it was disclosed they enjoyed a six-course lunch followed by an eight-course dinner at the G8 summit where the global food crisis tops the agenda.

The Prime Minister was served 24 different dishes during his first day at the summit – just hours after urging the world to reduce the “unnecessary demand” for food and calling on British families to cut back on their wasteful use of food.

Mr Brown and his wife Sarah were among 15 guests at the “blessings of the earth and the sea social dinner”.

The dinner consisted of 18 dishes in eight courses including caviar, smoked salmon, Kyoto beef and a “G8 fantasy dessert”.

The banquet was accompanied by five different wines from around the world including champagne, a French Bourgogne and sake.

African leaders including the heads of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Senegal who had taken part in talks during the day were not invited to the function.

The dinner came just hours after a “working lunch” consisting of six courses including white asparagus and truffle soup, crab and a supreme of chicken.

The lavish dining arrangements – disclosed by the Japanese Government which is hosting the summit in Hokkaido – come amid growing concern over rising food prices triggered by a shortage of many basic necessities.

On the flight to the summit, Mr Brown urged Britons to cut food waste as part of a global drive to help avert the food crisis. [More…]

Would Bob Denver and Dawn Wells be likely suspects?

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