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It appears that Soylent Green has trolls.

It’s kind of like mice – once one moves in you have a tendency for several.  I can safely say that nearly everyone who’s a regular at cb’s place kind of has their heart set on some quality trolls.  So far they are of the squeak-n-run variety.

What struck me rather forcefully was the common desire for an adversary – read: Troll (with a capital “T”) – that was of good breeding, intelligent, and able to debate in a coherent manner.  Moreover, it was strongly implied that said Troll be able to converse without the need for a personal attack unless one just made sense;  The important fact being that personal attacks cannot stand in place of intelligent reasoning.

A long time ago, back in the murky mists of time – as far back as August of ’09 – Harvey over at IMAO posted the blank image and invited everyone to add their text to it.   Well if that doesn’t sound like granting free license, I don’t know what does.

Point?  The point being that we need a badge or banner that is like the Jolly Roger – it must strike fear into the hearts of Trolls (and trolls) everywhere and announce clear-cut intentions.

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