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A week ago I went with a friend to “be there” while she got a real diagnosis on some skin cancer that has, uh… gone beyond.

It wasn’t pleasant but the news that there is a 70-80% chance that it hasn’t gone on a jaunt through her body is better than we envisioned prior to going in there.  It seemed quite grim before.  So there is a chance.

Add to that the shoulder MRI and cortisone shot and lots of work hours and I’ve been a bit waterlogged.

But I could be worse!

I have a stark bat-crap crazy co-worker who is such an illogical emotional flaming liberal that he actually annoys me.  I found this somewhere – I’ll dig it up first chance I get – and it just FITS…  He does this almost daily, sometimes baiting me just so he can pull what we now at work refer to as a Papa Foxtrot (Poo Flinging).


Alert reader The Dude has kept me fed with lots of images gathered from God only knows where.


My favorite because it has attitude.


This snail has ambition. Hard to knock snails with ambition.


This is why fathers protect their daughters.




This dispenser would be empty far more than the regular scotch tape and that only lasts hours.

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A while back we were on the topic of sexy handguns (Springfield XD, for one). A longer while back I was sitting around one day – which is very in-character – and was thinking about Glazer Safety Bullets. The whole idea is that they are frangible ammunition, that is, when they hit something solid they disperse or break up so that there are no harmful ricochet that could hurt the innocent bystander.

Ok, so if you get all nutso about global warming and want a green solution to every freakin’ problem… Grazer Safety Bullets™ are what you should insist on, and you should buy them alongside your crappy CFL bulbs.

So, enjoying programs such as GIMP and Blender, I set out to render a box of bullets in 3D (.357 Mag – my favoritest caliber in the whole wide world alongside the 12ga shotgun shell w/ magnum load), and then use those images to put together a mock data sheet (ad, actually) for sporty new Green Ammunition™. I’m particularly happy with the idea of floral-scented ammunition so when the bad guy gets shot, he isn’t all grossed out by the smell. LAST thing you want is some gunshot-wounded guy barfing all over the place and complaining about the smell.

Grazer Safety Bullets
Click on it for the larger image

Yeah, ok, so it’s weird, but gosh-darn-it, I had fun. So in keeping with St. (Dennis) Leary, I’m just gonna be an asshole ’cause I wanna be weird.

Enjoy –



One serious bitch I have…

Telegraph.CO.UK Link

Ok… so they are bitching that moving to ethanol via corn (which really is and always was a stupid idea for a host of reasons) is or soon will be causing massive starvation. Wait an effin’ minute… is this or is this not the corn that the EU, Britain, and certain African countries all bitch about and refuse to use because it is considered “Frankenfood”? There are stories of massive quantities of it sitting in warehouses and not being distributed because it isn’t safe to feed to the people who are busy starving to death.

To the rest of the world that finds fault with everything the US does (and to the Fifth Column self-loathers here in the US as well): If y’all wanna sit around and slam the US, just come right out and do it and stop finding self-contradictory things to polish your halos with.

Read more on GM crops here.

Update #2 –

Appendix operation through the mouth
Last updated at 11:50am on 16.04.08

Surgeons have removed a man’s appendix through his mouth in a radical world first.

The pioneering operation – dubbed “cakehole surgery” – means no unsightly scars, and the patient was doing sit-ups three days afterwards.

Today, doctors released the first pictures of the bizarre-looking procedure on Jeff Scholz, which was undertaken using miniaturised surgical tools.

It is hoped this new approach could slash waiting times, cut down on infection and reduce post-operative pain.

Doctors say Mr Scholz, 42, an ex-US marine, has made a speedier recovery than he would have done with standard keyhole surgery.

Surgeons at the University of California San Diego Medical Centre threaded tiny instruments, including a camera, down Mr Scholz’s throat. After emptying his stomach they cut into its lining to cut away the inflamed appendix. The rogue organ was placed in a bag and pulled back up though Mr Scholz’s stomach and throat and out of his mouth.

Amazingly, he was discharged after just 17 hours in hospital and claimed to be back at work the day after.

Mr Scholz said: “I was eating pizza and doing sit-ups three days later. You’d think the way it was done, going through the stomach wall, I’d have stomach pains, but there was nothing.”

It is the first time the procedure has been publicly shown, although a team of Indian surgeons claim to have carried out a similar one.

Through-the-mouth surgery is still in the experimental stages, but surgeons are confident their new methods reduce the risk of infections like MRSA.

Centre director Professor Santiago Horgan said: “My dad was a surgeon and back then the larger the incision, the better the surgeon. Today we’re moving away from that to minimise trauma. We can improve pain and complications.”

Source: ThisIsLondon

Next week – A special covering world’s first hemorrhoid surgery done via mouth.

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