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Because God knows that people have been mercilessly persecuted for not engaging in self-gratification or fornication.

Peeping Toms and voyeurs everywhere are being denied titillating experiences and hunting down those who have no interest in mutual gratification or self-diddlation.  Bedroom police are crashing these people’s bedrooms after noticing a distinct absence of KY™, Trojans™ (or other prophylactic devices), toys, and moisturizing lotion on their credit cards.

The enormity of the pressures society places upon these people who feel absolutely no attraction to other people must be crushing.

I predict that in the future, everyone will be found to have unique minority status in their sexual orientations – left v. right hand, a particular partner, anything that moves, anything that doesn’t move, cows, watermelons, picnic tables, etc. – and there will be approximately 7.5 billion people each qualifying for their own special status.

And those who really need that “asexual” label to feel secure, most likely those who weren’t breast-fed long enough, will at last feel the comfort of the warm bosomy embrace of government as it cradles them and shelters them from the heinous treatment they suffer daily.

I have gay friends who have had a bazillion times worse than this.   This is just plain ridiculous.


Semi-alert ID10T Killer passes on this graphic that got stuck in this mail.   He thought it was gauche, tasteless, and wanted to know what kind of game it really is.  I sure wonder.

It sure does look like they are trying to give you some sort of deal.

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Pressure points

They did a discography today.

Note:  Many thanks to The Dude (aka Wilson to my House) for taking a half day off and driving me to and from the procedure.  Cruel Wife couldn’t originally get the time off but then came down with a nasty cold and so I’m keeping her at least one room away rather than catch it before surgery.  Spaced Diode was going to but then he got called off to San Antonio for work travel (poor bastard).

Imagine you are lying on your back, no sedative, and a looooooong needle is inserted in the front left right side of your neck so it can puncture the discs on the left side and inflate them. the needle goes through your entire neck diagonally.

Imagine that happening multiple times.

I’ve attached a horizontally-flipped image and put arrows on it to show where they stick you.  Think of it then going for the left side of the spine.

Simply put, it is rather painful when they pump fluid into a disc.

I can think of things I would rather do.

Luckily I have painkillers now. Still smarts but the sharp edges have been taken off.

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