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This was years and years and years ago.  Pub in Ashland, Oregon, drinking a pitcher or three of Rogue River Ale.

The Shakespearean theater there is terrific.  Saw Faustus there and it was really really good.

Ashland is so liberal the trees are sticky with sap, but it’s still a cool town.

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Over at Bar Slaves, Old Iron was momentarily lucid, asking any MoronBloggers who were interested in meeting near Detroit (ish) to pipe up on his page to express interest. He then rapidly lost lucidity and degenerated into animal noises and gagging sounds. I guess it was pretty gross. Women and small children were removed from the scene in shock and grown men were seen openly weeping.

But someone slipped him a pint of Guinness or something, his limbic system rebooted, and he was right as rain. Inspirational, I tell you. The picture below shows a normal brain, and next to it is the size of that same brain after repeated abuse and pickling in alcohol. Note that it is the same in every way (sort of – perhaps instead of firm tofu consistency it is more like skim ricotta cheese) but shrunk. This is due to the skull-rending forces of the cranial fluids within the brainpan the day after. I no longer drink but assure you this is true. More than once I was required to work when the night before was a pub crawl that had lost it’s brakes (and sanity), and my brain was bruised from rattling around like Lotto balls inside the ol’ noggin.

(click the pic, it seems to get bigger if you do)

Go read about it the meeting of the minds. Have fun. Poke that old bear with a stick.

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