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It Piles Up.

It started innocently enough.

I tore a thumbnail below the level of the skin today, meaning there’s just no good way to trim it back because fingernail clippers can’t go beyond where the underside of the nail connects up with the skin.  Anyone with fingernails knows this.  So, how does one fix this?

Bright Idea #1:  Superglue to the rescue!

The superglue container was sort of glued shut.  So I used pliers to open it by pulling the little glue-encrusted tack out and with it came a bunch of crusty glue.

Then I repaired the torn nail.   So far, easy-peasy.

But the little tack wouldn’t go back in the tube.

Bright Idea #2:  Hold tube in palm of left hand and push hard with the right hand to force the tack back into the neck of the glue bottle.

Except the tube in my left palm slipped.  I drove the tack into my palm – buried the metal and crusty glue plug in my palm at the 4 o’clock side of dead-center.  Pulled my right hand away and saw it kind of stuck there.  You know… impaled.  I reached over and pulled the tack out quickly, and…

Bright Idea #3:  Quickly cover the wound with your right thumb.

Except the puncture wound had superglue all around it because the pointy tack was recently on the inside of the superglue’s tube/neck thingy.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes, I did superglue my right thumb over the wound in my left palm after driving a glue-soaked tack into said palm of said left hand after having just repaired a torn nail on the thumb of my left hand.

Note:  Superglue in a wound kind of stings.  Also, superglue has been used in the past for wound-suturing, so it worked great in plugging up the puncture in my palm.

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