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Remember Islamic Rage Boy?

islamic rage boyOn Drudge today, I saw Islamic Psycho Guy.

Islamic Hate GuyI mean, if that doesn’t kind of make your testicles recoil just a little bit, you’ve probably got some defective wiring or you’re a clone of Islamic Rage Boy.

That right there is the Upraised Finger of Batshit Craziness right there, and he’s hyperextended his eyeballs.


Speaking of batshit-crazy, let’s segue on over to my home state, shall we?

This is one of the few sane things to occur!

The Glock Block.

Odds are that the ultraliberal, Occupy movement-supporting crowd in Portland, Oregon, which includes its mayor in late 2011, who told the Los Angeles Times that “I support a lot of what the movement stands for, as a political leader” — are already trying to figure out how to stop what they surely see as a dangerous idea which has sprung up about 10 miles to the south: fed-up citizens arming themselves.

Portland is among several localities in the Beaver State which “have banned loaded firearms in all public places.” That’s apparently not the case in an unincorporated area of Clackamas County near the suburb of Milwaukie, where a fed-up woman is forming a “Glock Block” that Portland’s OregonLive.com web site, based on a search on “Glock” returning no relevant results, is ignoring, despite the national attention the group has begun to receive. Portland TV station KOIN has the following story (HT to Zero Hedge):

If THIS isn’t one of the coolest things to post in your neighborhood…

Tolomon and a group of Jennings Lodge neighbors say they’re responding to escalating crime on their block by also making fliers that read “This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.


I’m only going to post the screenshot, and one link.

ABC Pregnant MalesReally Chicago?

How much does anyone want to bet that this was thought up by some barking fruit-bat from the left wing?  Chicago is just the place to buy into it, though.

Teen pregnancy seems to me to be a pretty serious topic, so is this kind of weird manipulation the way you want to try to reach people?

Address the girls – don’t make a sight gag out of it.

Man am I getting old and crotchety.

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