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Cat-crap Busy.

Been kind of busy lately when not cluster-migraining it all over the landscape. Two days shot to hell and a near-miss to the hospital because it sucked worse than dying for a little bit, a day or two post-migraine celebratory hangover for the fun of it, and a few days playing catch-up.

Hadn’t heard from a scientist friend in a while so I suggested we catch up if she’s not too busy, if it was indeed a busy time for her. Her response was poetry.

Busy? As busy as a cat burying a turd on a marble floor, as a friend of mine puts it…

That brings a tear to my eye.

Ok, now a visual brought to me by Black Lab on Amphetamines.


More. From somewhere else. The best key hanger that I have liked the looks of in the last 24 hours.


From some pet-shaming link that I couldn’t recall the name of.


YOU wouldn’t trust that thing, would you? That is our Mrs. Reynolds.


And just because I am feeling lazy… Sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads.


By the way, has anyone seen that lurker veeshir lurking about? It isn’t like him to not cross over the boycott lines once or twice a day.

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My problem tonight is that I don’t want to create new content but I do not want to leave you, Constant Reader, without a source of BS (real or imagined) until I get unlazy-ed.

So for now, enjoy some links.  Some are tasty, some roadkill, some juicy, some charred silly, some… oh hell, just enjoy the *%^#$*& links, ok?


If you have kids or are a big kid yourself, treat yourself to something simple, mindless, and fun.

Or, a USB digital microscope.

When the Table of Condiments Periodically Go Bad.  Really really bad.

Flashy, but really really cool.  PicLens.  The thing is, your mind can take in an awful lot of information, and pattern matching works very very well with our brain-eye combination if things are moving.  Try it.  If you DON’T like it, I’d like to hear about what it was that you didn’t like.  Then I will mock you. No, not really.

Eh.  So what?  This happens every day after my first pot of coffee.

Neat.  Spooky.  Interesting.  Wild.  Creepy. I can continue on in that vein but I think you get it.

Why must they always ignore optics on these engineering sites?  You use optics everyday – biological ones, even – along with the electonics (wetware), and physics/mechanics (meatware), and chemistry (hormone soup).  So just try to think about optics once in a while, willya?

Oops.  I was just… uh… keeping your straw from getting dusty.

As a bicycle rider (road/touring), I have to say… I have to say something, but I don’t know what.  It turns on a DIME though.  Check out the video on that page!

I have to believe that several guys, a case of beer, and some idle time could manage an eerie form of suicide by screwing with people in this manner.

I have seen A picture, never MULTIPLE pictures. Sandstorms + Iraq = Fun? It’d sure as hell get your attention.

I did this a week ago when BBQ-ing.  It’s a method to help you to figure out what the doneness of the meat is by pushing against your hand to gauge firmness.  By pressing firmly, I was able to correctly ascertain that it was charred on the outside yet still pink/raw on the inside.  Trouble was that it was my hand.

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Day 2 of a really bitchin’ headache so I thought I’d just run through and share images that got caught in the trap in the disposal…

I’m thinking that tomorrow I shall put thoughts into words regarding China, Russia, the Middle East, and how those all clash with the West – and why I worry about these things.

Who here can remember one of the all-time best games, right up there next to Half Life, Deus Ex, and Far Cry (before the Trigens)?

Yes, Redneck Rampage®!!

Shown here is a Rabid Jackalope heading towards our hero, Leonard. What’s he firing? He has: A bolt on the crossbow. A stick of dyanmite lashed to the bolt for a redneck RPG. The whole works shoved up a chicken’s hoo-hoo for a guided rpg. Oh yeah.

There’s your buddy, Bubba. He’s continually getting captured by evil clones of your neighbors and too stoopid to get himself out of trouble. (sounds like a Star Wars plot)

Enclosed in the Redneck Rampage box is a small-town newspaper (really and truly) called the Hickston Hog. An advert inside had this little lady in the Personals section as I recall.

**update: just found it. You can read it here: redneck_rampage_manual.

Moving right along. Chicken anyone?

If they aren’t properly cooked, they’re not going to hang around for Round 2.

Oh I couldn’t resist.

This pic, titled “How to Ruin a Romantic Evening” gets it spot on. Of course everyone knows you don’t serve a blush wine in a hot-tub. You steer towards the Gewürz.

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