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Not too far from where I growed up, this is a small sleepy town. This is probably the biggest news in over a decade.

I like rats. I’ve owned a few of them and think they are kind little critters, clean, and generally have a nice temperament. But good grief, folks. These aren’t pets, they’re pests.

Sutherlin neighborhood trying to get rid of rats

Story Published: Jun 12, 2008 at 11:46 PM PDT
By Dan Bain

Rats are running rampant in one neighborhood in Sutherlin. That’s what the neighbors are saying.

Nearly 800 rats have been trapped from one rat-infested house. The city declared the property a nuisance back in March, and they’ve been working to clean up the problem. But residents worry it’s just a temporary fix.

Mary Pirkey said she’s dealt with lots of critters in her neighborhood from feral cats to raccoons. But when it comes to the rats, she is not happy.

“I’m mad, because hundreds of rats lived in the house across the street,” said Pirkey.

Pirkey said the smell is unbearable. She claimed the homeowner doesn’t believe in killing animals, so when a storm hit a year and a half ago that started the whole problem.

Pirkey said the neighbor created a safe-haven in his home for the critters.

But soon they multiplied, and so did the number of passers-by.

“They come down here they want to know where the rat house is.”

The city hired a pest removal company to lay traps, and they carted off 788 rats, but neighbors aren’t satisfied.

“They haven’t got them all yet. There’s no way they can get them all,” said neighbor Ralph Shultz.

The neighbors say you can still see the damage the rats have left behind, take a look at the house. You can see boards that are nailed to the front of the wall there. Neighbors claim those are patches to cover the holes the rats have chewed through.

The neighbors worry the rats will come back, unless the house is removed.

City officials say the homeowner didn’t break any health code, and will be expected to pay the $15-thousand bill.

source:  http://www.kpic.com/news/local/19881879.html

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Flea! Run for your lives! FLEAS!

Now, perhaps I’m being cold and insensitive here, but in this day and age, is a swarm of fleas bigger news than Sudan/Darfur, the election circus, economic woes, or even the size of J-Lo’s ass?

We could debate on any one of those, but do you see my point? A slow news day for some…

Flea, Fly, ho hum…

But, if we suddenly have a case of the Black Death pop up – well then we’ll have an issue, won’t we?

– LK

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