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Netflix and Myopia

Netflix informed me that my rates were going up. My options were $12.99/mo or <alternatives>.

I checked and to go to standard def I could pay $8.99/mo. Or I could get hi-def or double-wow-def for way more.

Netflix churns out a lot of similar garbage. It has a few really awesome shows. When I want steak and lobster, I go to Amazon. If I want a decent burger I go to Netflix. If I want Taco Bell ™ I go to Taco Bell ™. If I want corndogs I go to the gas station or skim basic cable.

All that to say “Nah, Netflix, we ain’t BFF’s – let’s keep it platonic.”

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Bear with this posting  there’s some good nuggets of gold in it.

First, enjoy a kitten.  Sure she’s not quantum tunneling at the moment but she just had her shots.  I walked by her three times w/o noticing her because she blends into my jacket.  She was not phasing in and out but she was running about 3 degrees above normal.


Next, the remodel.  It is coming along.  Spaced Diode helped me rewire the upstairs with grounded circuits after Cruel Wife nagged and nagged and nagged.  “I don’t want anyone dying because there wasn’t a grounded circuit.”

Sheesh.  Like electricity is that dangerous.  It’s not like it has ever killed anyone or set fires or anything.

remodel-121112-2 remodel-121112

Next, enjoy some redneck wallpapering.  In the oldest part I cut out plaster and lath so we could get insulation in the walls.  Notice the wallpaper on the inside face of the outside wall, including the joists.  This sucker was an open wall and left long enough that wallpaper was deemed a good thing.  It’s like a bad episode of Redneck Rampage™.   It truly is as if a layer of purty paper protected these folks from whistling cold Michigan winters.RedneckWallpaper


None of this is designed to gain back readers such as Mitchell and veeshir, who are at this moment boycotting this blog because my retrieval of their remarks from Spam Hell is not quite fast enough.

Ask Cruel Wife if I am busy enough lately.

For grins, look at a mirror that I showed Cruel Wife at my company.  I simply call it “My Precious”.  Won’t tell you who made it, who they made it for, it’s exact specs, etc.   I will say it is 24″ x 18″ x 3″ thick, flat, honeycomb inner construction, and coated for multiple wavelengths.   All pictures were taken using while light back illumination but at different angles to the surface.  Same piece but a dielectric Reflectivity enhancement coating looks very different from all angles.  It’s complicated.

IMG_4506_small IMG_4514_small IMG_4503_small

So a co-worker gets ahold of the pics I took, fires up his copy of PhotoShop (Gimp, truth be told) and tweaks it… now My Precious is truly one mirror to rule them all.

Mounting to rule them all

Lemurita just watched LotR with me Sunday night, saw that last image and laughed and laughed and laughed.  That’s my girl.

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Day 2 of a really bitchin’ headache so I thought I’d just run through and share images that got caught in the trap in the disposal…

I’m thinking that tomorrow I shall put thoughts into words regarding China, Russia, the Middle East, and how those all clash with the West – and why I worry about these things.

Who here can remember one of the all-time best games, right up there next to Half Life, Deus Ex, and Far Cry (before the Trigens)?

Yes, Redneck Rampage®!!

Shown here is a Rabid Jackalope heading towards our hero, Leonard. What’s he firing? He has: A bolt on the crossbow. A stick of dyanmite lashed to the bolt for a redneck RPG. The whole works shoved up a chicken’s hoo-hoo for a guided rpg. Oh yeah.

There’s your buddy, Bubba. He’s continually getting captured by evil clones of your neighbors and too stoopid to get himself out of trouble. (sounds like a Star Wars plot)

Enclosed in the Redneck Rampage box is a small-town newspaper (really and truly) called the Hickston Hog. An advert inside had this little lady in the Personals section as I recall.

**update: just found it. You can read it here: redneck_rampage_manual.

Moving right along. Chicken anyone?

If they aren’t properly cooked, they’re not going to hang around for Round 2.

Oh I couldn’t resist.

This pic, titled “How to Ruin a Romantic Evening” gets it spot on. Of course everyone knows you don’t serve a blush wine in a hot-tub. You steer towards the Gewürz.

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