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Emergency Update:

Obama is going to pre-empt A Charlie Brown Christmas for his speech.  Is there no end to this guy’s narcissism?


Sent out in the PatriotPost – this picture is so… poignant that it hurts.  I love it.  Whoever you are who put words to this… you get a free dinner if ever you come my way.

I know I saw this coming a long time ago – I knew we’d run into these issues – and here they are rearing their ugly heads, over and over and over and over.


A decision I don’t think I could live with.  Forced to choose between saving your child and your spouse?  I wouldn’t be alive long after this.


Apparently now your government sees fit to tax you in a higher rate bracket if they decide that you have a “cadillac” health plan.  Guess what?

Your president thinks so, too.

On Sunday, President Obama said he saw the need to protect union members, but he also defended the tax. “I do think that giving a disincentive to insurance companies to offer Cadillac plans that don’t make people healthier is part of the way that we’re going to bring down health care costs for everybody over the long term.”

Any justification they can find, Constitutional or not, will be found and rooted out in order to offset the costs of this boondoggle of a health care “reform”.

A good part of social engineering relies on disincentivizing unwanted behavior using monetary chastisements.

How’s that Obama Vote Working Out for You?

The prez said he saw the need to protect union members BUT defended the tax, which is a great way of saying he didn’t really give a rat’s ass what happens to union members.

It’s all about control.  And you who voted in this congress and this president are giving away all your control – and the rest of ours – one piece at a time.  Thank you so much for that.

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Just another day.

We will be subjected to two weeks of disingenuous fawning over a guy who you ultimately had to say was of questionable loyalties.  Himself, mostly.

You hear it said that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.  I see it as all the more reason to live your life so no one has to.  If you’re a creep, it should be recognized as such.  Of course, use some compassion for his family and friends, but don’t sugar coat the truth.

And here it comes, on Drudge we hear that new life will be breathed into the democrat’s cause – that of financially crushing social obligations – because we must honor the fallen :

Oh but it gets worse…


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