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I’m off this week.

I figured I would take this week off and I have.   Haven’t felt like doing crap and basically haven’t.

It’s been boring.

I’ll think up something more here but at the moment, all I have is a good one CW sent me.  (found here, at DeMotivatorsSite.com)

If it were mine to do, I would have replaced “shenanigans” with “shite”.

I really have to watch the language. I was absolutely startled with how well the girl can read now. And fast. You don’t have time to get something off the screen before it is too late.

Another h/t to CW, a happy story about a kitteh with either the balls of a tiger or the brains of a flatworm.


I have been playing the new Deus Ex.  It is awesometastic.  Sneaking is fully encouraged and you get take-downs that can be clean or messy, your choice.

Video games do not make you more violent unless you are already completely predisposed to it, otherwise schools would be smoking ruins as 50% of the population there would be killing everything in sight, including the classroom guinea pigs.

Lady, just because I had a gun it didn't mean I was gonna *use* it, so why did you hit the alarm as I passed you by courteously? See? You thought we had problems and now you've gotten yourself trouble, too. I (reap)eat, games do not make one any more violent.

After I've laid waste to all 5000+ people in the building I think I'll come back here and rest for a while. It is so peaceful. Video games do not make one any more violent. They make them peaceful, in fact.

When someone is quietly resting and enjoying a view, you should not try to gun him down in a noisy hail of lead or I he will quietly stab you repeatedly until your body tranquilly slumps to the ground. Video games do not make anyone more violent, they facilitate peace and tranquility.

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