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I’m being tested.

I started tapering off the narcotics again this week because it makes life hard at work and it also destroys any creative drive in art.  That is a real bummer for me.

I’m choosing between fogged with pain vs. fogged with painkillers.  Fogged with pain just makes you cranky (like anyone could tell the difference) and fogged with drugs just makes you a drone.

But tonight, two vicodin didn’t even touch the neck/headache.  It leads me to believe that the nerves burned out several weeks ago are dying in earnest, finally.  Really it is the ends of the nerves that are finally giving up.

How shall I put this?  I don’t know what it is like for anyone else nor do I care, because for me – this is a damn painful thing.  I’d rather compound fracture my arm again.  When ice, heat, and drugs don’t fix the problem, it is reasonably awful bad.  A few more days of this and it should be over.

Click to embiggenify. Or rub it.

I’ve done very little tonight.  Tried two pistons and found that they interfere and went back to one.  Crossed the attachment points over the center per Enas’ suggestion, and incorporated cam-levers into the front of the corset to allow it to be initially cinched prior to steam/mechanical assist.

Tomorrow I’ll start adding in text, additional illustration touches, grunge, etc.  It’ll look a bit more colorful.  But for now – I’m off to see if I can sleep the worst of this off.


This here is what we call a Grade-A Prime Weirdo.

Man, I tell you – searching for corset stuff sure takes you to some weird places.

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Well, tomorrow is the day I’m both longing for and dreading.  Didn’t realize how much the RF treatment actually helps kill the headaches until the nerves decided to grow back.  So while the whole damn thing hurts considerably life does get better when the nerves die again.

I’m just glad that the sedative they give you keeps you from remembering it.  The one time I can recall anything from the procedure, it wasn’t fun.  I know, I’m a wuss… had a compound fracture of my arm once and my pain tolerance was high then.  Maybe it’s not now, maybe my body doesn’t tolerate this type of pain and it’s very real pain.  All I know is that it FEELS real and by golly if it sucks then it is what it is.

Here’s the Chillipository™ graphic – much reduced from it’s 4500×6000 original format (550MB graphic file).  Yes, Aggie I’m looking into how to sell it as a print, same for the steam condom.  And the ChiliHead graphic.  And the Silly Negroes graphic and the Cockroach Cutting Diagram (below) – those are trial balloons as I have no idea if they have any appeal at all.


Just try and tell me this isn’t a cool tattoo…


this is low-res...

Note that I am mocking Harry Reid and Obama only.

this is low-res...

Note that I am mocking cockroaches, which I have this strange fascination with…

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