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Me neither.

Japanese lamp fighting.  Really.


***crickets chirp***

I found it because I was looking at low voltage lighting and rice paper to make a japanese-style bedside lamp and “japanese lamp fighting” and “japanese lamp furniture” are veeeeery similar.  I require very little light to read by and I try to be courteous of CW when she wants to sleep and discomfort or insomnia keep me awake – and so when my old lamp with it’s 7.5W bulb came down ill (I think it is due for a replacement) I figured it was time to move on.  Since I like japanese architecture and furniture I said “Why the hell not?”

Oh, back to bulb fighting… a conversation in the comments section at Gizmodo:

You know, the insides of those has got stuff that can give you cancer.

– So I’m told.

Yeah. I had a friend that chewed glass for a living. In the circus.

– And he got cancer from chewing fluorescent bulb glass?

Nah. Got hit by a bus.

Okay… check it out.

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