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I’m going to let it speak for itself.

First lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband’s bandwagon to hit the rich and spread the wealth, questioning how well-off families can feel good if others are struggling.  – Michelle Obama’s Pitch – Share the Wealth

Poor baby must herself be up at night getting worry lines and filled with self-loathing.  I assume that there is always a lot of soul-searching going on insider her head, huh?

With all that worry, she needs to take a vacation.  What is it now?  16 in three years?  Oh definitely.


A friend is going through a terrible recovery process from addiction.  Won’t you step over and wish her well in her fight to escape (however temporary it may be) from the ravaging clutches of chocolate?


Holy Crayfish of Dune, Batman!

It’s clear then, that the space-folding Navigators from Dune are actually the descendants of Red Crayfish.

Found at the site for the University of Hull Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - crayfish after expelling water through it's olfactory apparatus.

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Reminiscent of Iran’s Anti-Vice police we’re watching our democratic-controlled… uh… everything… raise taxes on things that they deem worthy of higher taxes than others.

For some reason, for some people,  it doesn’t bother them to single out certain types of people based on skin color, wealth, ideology, or religion.


I woke up in bizzaro-land this morning, kids, because that’s what they’ve been accusing conservatives of for years.

It’s a time of state-sanctioned and indeed, state-derived social-engineering and coercion.

How’s That Obama Vote Working For You?

Update 1: Seriously, this doesn’t scare you silly?

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has begun serious talks about how it can change compensation practices across the financial-services industry, including at companies that did not receive federal bailout money, according to people familiar with the matter.

Update 2:  The folks at Fox have published a list of “This Year’s Top Illusions

Is it too late to add Obama to the list?  It’s shown that he can fool at least 50% of the people (tested by ballot, high degree of certainty due to millions of samples).


Pookie18… thanks for posting it where I’d see it.  Note the GoComics.com – go there and have some fun.


Weird.  When the ACLU and I agree for completely different reasons.  Either way, we’re in step on this and this only:  Obama is a wanker for saying he’ll be transparent and then going back on as many instances as possible.

The Abu Graib photos ought not be released because they serve no purpose if released and they do act as enemy aid by being galvanizing.

I don’t want to know every last detail.  While you should never blindly trust your gov’t there is a certain amount of “need to know” stuff that has to happen – secrets kept, resources guarded, resources allocated.  To give that away is asking to get smacked by “the bad guys”.


A title like this:  ‘Good Bad’ Economy Inspires Consumers as Slump Eases

It tells me that overall, individual results aside, the economic situation was either not severe enough for people to learn lessons about living beyond cautious and safe means – OR – we’re just really stupid.


Winner of the Biggest Non-News Item of the Day Award (for today) goes to the AP for their happy little piece titled: Kremlin:  Battles Over Energy May Lead to Wars“.
Well, DUH.  Why do you think I could care less about our dependence on foreign oil?  I mean, sure it’d be nice if we weren’t beholden at all to these crazed states that seem to have gotten most of that viscous gooey black gold.  But here’s the simple question to keep in mind:

When the world’s supplies are dwindling for real and for keeps, whose oil do you want to have been burning – the stuff in your back yard or theirs?   You want to have burned everyone else’s oil FIRST and keep yours for the real crunch that may come.

If everybody is out, no biggie.  If almost everybody is almost out, you’d rather the other guy be almost-ed-er out than you because you are then the guy that can beat off the other starving jackals.  The hope is we’ve invested in alternate energy on the off chance that we run out.

But sure as God made little green men, if energy gets scarce enough to cause starvation of the populace then yes, there will be wars for oil, because face it, in this day and age   OIL = FOOD,  OIL = ECONOMY, and OIL = HEAT.

I may get dinged for this, but I’m not 100% convinced that hydrocarbons can’t be formed at high temperatures and high pressures in the earth.  Think about the ramifications if oil isn’t as non-renewable as everyone thought.  They’ve also produced oil in labs with high temperature and pressure.  Not saying I’m convinced either way, but I’ve got an open mind about it.

Interesting spam subject line of the day:

Support your custard launcher. – thanks to Adjao Adalm, whoever you are

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