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Lemur Droppings on 4/04/09

Note:  Today was a double-post – the Binghamton killing spree got it’s own post, below. The victims deserve that, I think.


Please, oh please God, let this be real.

Crap… this link broke ===>  Baconlube.

This one is still good though.   I ♥  Bacon Salt.


The same people that make Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and Bacon Lip Balm.


Well, the Norks sent up their missile anyway.  Everybody acts surprised that they did.  Why?  They said they were going to do it.   The only time North Korea doesn’t do what it says it is going to do is when they break agreements.

Obama.  There’s a real ball of fire, right folks?

“North Korea broke the rules once more by testing a rocket that could be used for a long-range missile,” Obama said. “This provocation underscores the need for action — not just this afternoon at the U.N. Security Council, but in our determination to prevent the spread of these weapons.”

Harsh, harsh words from our POTUS.

Just wait.  Everyone is going to bitch about it and then do nothing.  If you aren’t going to follow through on your ultimatums, just shut up.

I think quite a few people were pissed with Bush for having the guts to follow through with his ultimatums.  People don’t like that.  Flip side?  Bad guys don’t respect you if you don’t follow through.

Later… posted pic on Fox… color me surprised.  Not.  If there has ever been a more corrupt body of dickless wonders than the UN, I’d like someone to point them out.



Is The Diamond Age and it’s central topic of The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer very far off?  Oh I think not.  Rod logic is a fair distance away, perhaps, but with interactive actors (“ractors” in the book) taking the place of actual parents/teachers/mentors, there’s little reason why an illustrated and changing book could not exist.

If you haven’t read The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, you should.  He is an amazing writer and this vehicle for discussing nanotech is quite fascinating, right down to “toner wars”.


I don’t try to disguise my steampunk/cyberpunk leanings (much) so hopefully you’ll enjoy this page as much as I did.  Some of it is “meh” but a lot of it is “rockin’ dude!”

The Other Side of Perception.

If you go back up and look for The Diamond Age you’ll find that there is most definitely a Victorian/steampunk flavor in some of the country-states.


Why, who could resist p-shopping a baby?  Whoever did this… was good.   Twisted, yes… but good.  Yes, these pics have been around a while.  I know that.  I could use a laugh and in all likelihood so could you.

The pics get bigger if you click them.


A radio toaster?  A dishwasher/oven/cooktop?

Cruel Wife is a gadget-hound.  She’d buy these if she saw them.  Me, I’m partial to the toilet/washing-machine.   Why?  Because the used wash-water then flushes the toilet.  I’m not a tree-hugger or duck-squeezing coffee-house misanthrope but neither do I believe in squandering natural resources.

I haven’t a clue how I missed this one.  A Dirt Devil USB-powered Desk Vacuum Cleaner.


Apparently in Death Valley, even the rocks want out.


Rock. Racetrack Playa


Talk about a nasty case of crabs.  You ain’t supposed to throw toothpicks into the urinals because crabs can pole vault.  (Same place where the sign says “Do not eat the big white mint.”)

Picture driving down the road and hitting a migration – 150 million land-crabs heading back to sea for a giant crabby orgy.

Google this:  Christmas Island Red Crab Migration

Or go here.

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