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Go north.

The official line I keep hearing is the Malaysia flight could have gone south or west along the radius of the last satellite ping.

I am sorry but I call bullshit.  A pilot bent on suicide would have sought to do it visibly if he was going to suicide by plane.  Also, suicide by plane would not do the climb, transponder off, and ghost act.  He also would not fly for hours into the great white south AND have his family move out the day before.

No, as commenter Mitchell pointed out, ghosting under another plane has been recognized as a way one could slip out of being tracked in an area where business as usual isn’t rigorously tracked.  It was well-described in Neal Stephenson’s “Reamde” novel.

Let’s go north again.  Wherever it went, it arrived there days ago, and looking for it now will only be looking at areas where unusual activity is occurring, using satellites.

Wherever it is, if we know about it, and have not bombed it into a smoking crater, it means a potential hostage situation has stayed our hand.  Any action would result in a UN demand for forensics, which would turn up what I suspect would be a lot of suddenly now-dead civilians.

If we don’t know about it, while whoever has it traced all transmitters on the plane to remove them, chatter will go silent, and the NSA and CIA will go nuts looking for it and signs of anything moving towards it.  All roads would lead to Rome IF whatever was going to be loaded into it wasn’t already in place, and I think a state sponsored plan will have already done so.

That plane will not be used for some time, is my guess, but the hostages will be kept fresh for it’s final trip.

Yeah, it reads like a damned spy novel, but it already has gone into that territory.

Don’t get me wrong, as I think the best scenario we could hope for at this point is it crashed.  It is a PR disaster waiting to happen for the second best scenario, where passengers die and lots of awful things like nukes (bomb or wastes) get scattered as it is shot down.  

Worst case is they fly it in with transponder off under a white flag requesting sanctuary, and getting an nuclear bomb air burst over Israel.  And if they take out Israel’s infrastructure with an EMP then they can go in using their military forces held in reserve.

Now, my argument for keeping the passengers alive is the tendency of the Islamic fanatics to hide behind the skirts of women and children if it suits their goals.  

Tel Aviv, Israel is the only target that makes sense, unless they want to take out a US aircraft carrier.  And the fanatics want Jerusalem intact.  

Any of those nations from Pakistan westward are completely capable of turning an eye in their airspace.

This is ALL supposition, but the longer this goes without resolution, the worse it will be.


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Little late in getting this out.  Ok, days late.  So sorry.


“Driving is much more dangerous than flying, as you are far more likely to be killed in an automobile accident mile-for-mile than you are in an airplane,” said Horwitz. “The result will be that the new TSA procedures will kill more Americans on the highway.”  – Steven Horwitz, a professor of economics at St. Lawrence University

Whatever Obugger and the Libtards may think, a whole lot of people still subscribe to the idea “Give me liberty or give me death.”

For me and my family, we’ll take our chances on the road, thank you.  Bye-bye airlines.

And, sorry, but any agent who tries to strip-search my son is getting his facial features reconstructed.


The TSA had one individual (Blogger Bob) that was quoted as saying:

It is important that all screening procedures are completed.  This ensures that terrorists do not have an opportunity to probe TSA’s procedures by electing not to fly just as TSA’s screening procedures are on the verge of detecting that the passenger is a terrorist.

How stupid do the TSA people think we are?  Electing not to fly just as TSA’s screening procedures are on the verge of detecting that the passenger is a terrorist?  Did such idiocy truly get uttered?  Yes.  Yes it did.

Terrorists probing security will do dry runs.  Terrorists probing security are not going to carry the real thing – there’s no point in doing a dry run with the real explosives, or the real knife, or the real whatever.  If they are going to carry the real thing they’re going to do something with it, not probe – they are not going to start tipping the authorities off by sacrificing people and possible tactics.  They will also seek to drop as many false positives as possible.

A true “Allahu Akbar” dyed-in-the-wool pork-fearing terrorist isn’t going to bat an eye at the next step, which is cramming explosives up his/her ass or having implants installed that are loaded with “goodies” instead of silicone.

This ill-inspired exercise has become a situation illustrating the notion reductio ad absurdum.  Read the next sentence twice, or however many times it takes to catch the nuance.

You can not have non-intrusive security and catch everything.

So in practical terms, how are “we” going to catch that stuff?  Start poking fake and real tits breasts indiscriminately with needles or stilettos?  Cavity searches at random?

Yes, there’s the solution, let’s just go around puncturing every female’s hooters or cavity-probing every single passenger out of fairness, m’kay?  (We’ll do it with gloves, and we won’t enjoy it, we promise.)

Or we can do the right thing and recognize that profiling is really the only fair thing one can do.  It is not fair to equally scrutinize everybody if the preponderance of evidence says that the likelihood of a terrorist being middle-eastern jumps sky-high.  We can’t ignore the fact that the odds get worse if we’re talking about men.  And the odds get even worse if we’re talking about a middle-eastern male somewhere between 17 and 35.

Brings the point… does something exist that is better than scanners overall?  YES!

They are called “dogs” and have been sniffing out explosives and drugs for a very long time.

For all the non-kaboom-ey stuff like non-metallic cutting things – knives or shards-o-glass and the like?   Several times now passengers have shown some real bravery in rising to the occasion and kicking the everlovin’ shite out of would-be terrorists.

Ol’ Blogger Bob also wrote this regarding the TSA’s alternative to the scanning, which is the good ol’ grope, errr, pat-down:

As I’ve said before, there is nothing punitive about it- it just makes good security sense.

TSA not punitiveOh they most certainly are.  And they most certainly will if we let them get away with it.

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