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UPDATE: Moqtada al Sadr has declared that he will step down.  Everyone hold your breath.  $20 says he’s back within 3 months with newly inflamed righteous indignation at yet another crime that the imperialist infidels have perpetrated upon all Islam.


I’m not the sharpest marble in the knife drawer but this sounds pretty stupid to me.

If you were willing to break the law to be here I don’t see any incentive to have a change of heart and make anyone’s job easier by “going back legally”.


Feds Hope Illegal Immigrants Will See Themselves Out

Wanted: Illegal immigrants with clean records who have ignored court orders to leave the country. Immigration officials are standing by to help you leave the country. No jail. No joke.

That invitation drew hardly any takers Tuesday on the first day of a new federal “self-deportation” program that offered 457,000 eligible illegal immigrants the chance to turn themselves in, get their affairs in order and leave the country without being detained. [more…]

source:  Fox News

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