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Forget the subject of the posting title for a moment.  This is more important.  We think we have it bad at times.   Read on.

Girl, 10, Dies 7 Hours After Being Granted Dying Wish

Friday, June 19, 2009

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. —  Colby Curtin got her final wish.

The 10-year-old cancer patient was too sick to go to the theater to see the Disney-Pixar movie “Up,” so an employee of the studio flew to her house with a DVD copy — which she watched just seven hours before she died, her mother said.

While waiting for the movie to arrive on June 10, Colby’s mother, Lisa, said she asked her daughter: “Do you think you can hang on?”

“I’m ready (to die), but I’m going to wait for the movie,” she told The Orange County Register her daughter replied.

Colby was unable to open her eyes to see the movie so her mother described the scenes. After the movie ended, her mother asked if Colby enjoyed it. Her daughter nodded, Curtin said.

There is a girl I can respect.  Her folks should be proud.

Thanks go to Disney-Pixar.


Here’s someone who I can’t dredge up even a micro-give-a-shite’s worth of will to even try to hunt for respect.

Sen. Boxer Offers No Apology for Rebuking Brigadier General Who Called Her ‘Ma’am’

Imagine Boxer actually doing something other than being a brass-balls bitch.

You can’t, can you?

Aside from a briefly worded statement about a “friendly” conversation she had with Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh after dressing him down for calling her “ma’am,” Boxer remained silent Friday in the face of growing calls for her to apologize.

“Senator Boxer spoke with General Walsh yesterday and he said he was fine with her comments at the hearing,” Boxer spokesman Zachary Coile said in a statement sent Friday to FOXNews.com.

Brig. Gen. Walsh didn’t get where he is today by badmouthing even a creep like Boxer when she deserves it.  He’s got more class in his tiniest fart than she has in her entire body.  He deserves more respect than he’s getting and certainly much more than she gets.

I lay odds that she’ll mouth something that could be taken as an apology but really is nothing of the sort within a week from today.  It’ll read something like “I have nothing but respect for our armed services and especially Brig. Gen. Walsh (some of my best friends are soldiers) and I am sorry if some people were offended.”

See?  That’s not an apology but a lot of people think that’s good enough.


Fox News:  Report: Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Seacrest Spend Night Together

Wow!  Are you kidding me??



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Rhymes with “Witch”

Yes, Mrs. Boxer is a stitch, all right.

Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, was testifying on the Louisiana coastal restoration process in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He began to answer one of Boxer’s questions with “ma’am” when Boxer immediately cut him off.

“You know, do me a favor,” a piqued Boxer said. “Could say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?'”

“Yes, ma’am,” Walsh interjected.

“It’s just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it, yes, thank you,” she said.

“Yes, senator,” he responded.

Not sure why she has to engage in a pissing context but I guess that’s the nature of the course when working with Ms. Boxer.  It should be noted that “Sir” or “Ma’am” are perfectly acceptable signs of respect either in the military or out.  She’s probably one of those women I have run in to that gets pissed when you hold a door open for them.

I’m thinking she needs something more than whatever it is she’s getting.  I love the “Yes, ma’am”.  Score one for the General.

What he should have said was that the least she can do is call him  Brigadier General Walsh, since he worked so hard to get that title.  He could have done that, as she is NOT his boss.


Supervisors suggest putting unemployed parents to work caring for their own children as part of proposed changes to CalWorks and other state government aid programs.

You know what?

That’s called “Welfare – The Endless Version”.

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