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Making New Friends.

Had to drive to a nearby city – roughly 35 miles – for work today.  On the way I got nearly sideswiped but made some friends.  They waved at me as I honked, I waved at them.  The guy motioned me off to the side of the road so we could talk about current events.  I declined since I was in a hurry to meet with a vendor.  They first got in front of me to clear the way through traffic, then got behind me to make sure no one tailgated me, then got in front again, then in the rear – all the while keeping other cars away from mine on every side.

We traveled together clear on out to the halfway point and then he and his three buddies waved one last time as they pulled off the highway.  Sure is something to run into such friendly people now and then.

Hmmm.  I just considered, they might have been flipping me off, which would put a whole different spin on things.

And I may have inadvertently flipped them off, too.  That might have had an effect on the landscape, too.


Update:  Lemurita loved shooting the bow for the first time and managed to stick two knives perfectly in the knife-throwing part of the day.  Not bad at all for her first day.  Not bad at all.  Saturday was the perfect Father’s Day.

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