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Ever since Cruel Wife got me hooked on Girl Genius (something I resisted for years and years because I had a feeling I’d truly like it) I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

I “store them up” and I read them in bursts to Lemurita after a suitable time has passed so we can get blocks of the story at once. Last night for some reason or another I saw a Spark Wasp, that is, a Wasp that can attack Sparks and thought, “Damn if it wouldn’t be really cool to model that thing up in my favorite modeling program and then photorealistically render it in Blender3D.

Note:  This is something I am doing for fun and a nod to the Professors Foglio.  I do not plan to make a penny off of it – didn’t to start, don’t now, and never will plan to do so – and will absolutely attribute it in its entirely to Phil and the gang. 

That tucked-in tail is one of the hardest damn tasks I’ve ever had to do in my favorite modeling program.  The only one harder was a part I designed for that thingamawhatsit project orbiting Mercury at the moment.  It’s all rather tedious as to why it is so freaking difficult but trust me, as of last night I had picked the hardest most ridiculous way imaginable to do it and tonight I chose the second-hardest.  But it seems to be coming along nicely.   Yes, it needs many many tweaks.  I’m working now just to get the geometry mostly similar.

This occurs to me about once every five minutes: I truly wonder how many times Foglio had to draw that blasted thing before he felt it was right…

Wait until those dial gauges cast a glowing green light…

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