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Smoking meat will give you a hell of a raspy cough though.

No Runny Eggs, Lemur King, Cruel Wife (and kidlets) plus a starving neighbor chowed down – smoked wings, pulled pork, ribs, rolls/buns, mustard and tomato sauces, mac and potato salad, baked beans…  Oh yeah.

NRE, being an incredibly laid back fella, seems to be a small-critter magnet, drawing attention from both of my offspring and Silver d’Cat.

This was a GOOD thing, as I had been cooking the pork butt (shoulder) roasts since 8pm the night before, and then the ribs since 9:30am this morning.   By the time you hit the home stretch, energetic offspring make it hard to pull it all together.  And I was *tired*.  Not at the peak of my game yet, obviously.

Meanwhile, Cruel Wife was awesomely terrific and made up a batch of my favorite Habanero Peanut-Butter Cookies.  Oh yeah.  I think NRE approved… (click the pics for larger versions)

Big Betsy – she finished off the buffalo wings, kept the pork warm, and toasted all the things that don’t do well in the smoker itself.

Here is Big Betsy.

The food… Note the bark on the ribs… black as sin but lots tastier (sez me).

I ended up scarfing 2-1/2 pulled pork sandwiches, four chunks of ribs, beans, mac salad, and enough Dr. Pepper to up my chances of diabetes by roughly 2000%.   I left my portion of buffalo wings to Cruel Wife since she is the one that would crawl bare-assed nekkid through turpentine and broken glass for a smoked wing – or rather – my smoked buffalo wings.

Girl-Child Unit #1 and Death-Wish Boy had a blast pestering NRE as I said before but I think they also managed to pull off “cute” at the same time, thus avoiding the humiliation of being sold to gypsies.  Their faces are covered for your protection, Constant Reader, for while they may look harmless, they are pure unadulterated evil.

Tomorrow the plan is to go to the Henry Ford Museum.  If you have never been there, this is a place worth making a vacation trip out of.  Between the Museum and Greenfield Village (both started by Ford) you have a lot of fascinating things to see, side by side.  Plan two days to see both.

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