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New Update:  To see the latest renderings, go to bottom of post…


To do a graphic that was spurred in part by cbullitt and part by McGoo – I tried to find a needle.  Not just any needle but a cool looking one.

Alas, unless you want to steal one, you have to use crappy pics as photo-fodder.  And I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted an antique needle (hypo).   So what is to be done?  Don’t got a time-travel device, obviously, since Hitler didn’t go away – that option is out.

So I’m modeling one.  Here’s the initial model.  Next put some knurling on it.  Then import it into blender and do a raytrace.  THEN pull it into gimp and post-process it.  Simple, no?

An example of Blender3D using YAFRAY as an output renderer.  The caustics in this one were turned way too high up but I can’t find the folder with all the final renders from before my computer switchover.

Gets bigger if you click it.

Here’s another where I was goofing around and seeing what-if-you-do-THIS kind of stuff…

Hypo first renderings… v0.2

obviously, there is a HUGE amount of work to do now, but the geometry looks ok.

Needs work on the Soylent Poison.

Last one for today – I think it looks better.

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