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The Dude turned 40 today so Cruel Wife and I – along with four or five other couples – joined him and his wife celebrating his birthday.  It was some good food but by far was the appetizer – fried calamari.  It was perfect.  Not a hint of a rubber band within 3000 miles.   The jambalaya wasn’t sitting well with me and CW’s crab cakes and stuffed flounder were OK but I’ll be honest, the crab cakes weren’t crispy-cakey enough to be crab cakes.  Oh well, it was all fresh, however, and that counts for so very much.

Congratulations to SOYLENT GREEN for the one-millionth visitor!   WARNING, IT IS (not, not, not) NSFW – DON’T GO THERE ON COMPANY TIMEWhups, neither is the graphic below, if you get right down to it.  I am making an exception here.  SOYLENT is well known for a few things, some of which are NSFW, some of which are science-ey, and other which are anti-AGW – specifically he likes to trash global warmalarmists who would love to trash anyone who gets in the way of their power grab.  I support him in that.

I do graphics for cbullitt sometimes and he said “Lemur, I’ve come close to 1 million times, and I need a graphic to make it pop.”   Well, he didn’t word it just like that but the idea was there.  So there’s the graphic I did for him, made up of a collage of other graphics I’ve done when he’s come up with an interesting notion.  This was a fun one because it just came to me how to do it – I was clueless for quite a few hours – and the ideas just gushed forth.

A million of anything is a lot...

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Friday Update:

Yes, I do feel like hell.

But the bright side is that I’ve seen a product that is more lovable than The Candy Man… Bacon-Flavored Soda.

J&D Foods owner Justin Esch told AOL News that his company recently partnered with Jones Soda to create a special-edition bacon-flavored drink just in time for the holidays.


Yep, they toasted six cervical nerves today.

I am (at the same time) drugged and in pain.

Bright side:  Getting ’em all over with at the same time.  Yay!

I’ll post something more substantial tomorrow night while Cruel Wife is out of town.  She’s going bar-hopping with the other church gals.

Soon, very soon, I will be posting in parallel a new Soylent Eco-Dollar that I’ve just about completed for C Monster.  (He should be proofing it sometime soon.)

C Monster came to me and said “Lemur, I have just volunteered you to do another graphic for me.”

I had a question for him (I said “yes”) and he responded in the affirmative that I could indeed throw Eco-Dollars up on Zazzle and see if anyone should care.  I’ll do it sometime soon and y’all can look ’em up there.

He’s going to have the hi-res one up soon…

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Update:  Shooting down drones with lasers.  Next thing you know they’ll be putting them on sharks.

I’m impressed.  The technical hurdles Raytheon needed to address in order to do that… wow.


I know that sounds like he got a cheap prostitute but really it’s all about money.  Yes, it was steampunk for a while, lately it’s been money.  I may head back to SteamPunk Land and see if it meets money as per Aggie’s GENIUS suggestion.

A little background on this seal.  I wasn’t going to put the splatters on there, honest to God, I wasn’t.

But I got a lovely piece of trollage – and I don’t want to name names but it is tessa yakush – this morning that wanted me to engage in deep fellatio with a running chainsaw and die a more horrible death than a clubbed seal.

It doesn’t all have to be superdark bad stuff.

As apotheosis said in a later comment:

I went seal clubbing one time but I couldn’t get the stupid glow bracelets to stay on their little flipper wrists.

Bless you, apo.  The related info on your blog-posting made me laugh hard enough I had to wipe tears from my eyes.  The imagery of “cold dead shark eyes and face-rending claws” of the seal was disturbing.  Bereft of any mercy, of any warmth, of any connection with any living thing… wow.

Anyway, back to my troll, tessa could not see that I had already written multiple times in that posting and comments that I don’t care for clubbing seals just for taking fur.  But no, she wished terrible things upon me that bruised my fragile “self” and has left me a lifeless shell, and I can only fill it with the feelings that flooded in when her message touched my heart.

So… Videlicet

Bite me, tessa.

Next time I do this it will be to showcase how baby endangered animals (all baby animals, actually) taste better.

You don’t believe me?  Eggs.  Veal.  Lamb.  Squab.

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cbullitt over at Soylent Green came to me with a graphics idea earlier this week and I’ve been devoting a few hours a night to it.  Eco-bucks in 1 Billion dollar denominations.

See, this is a good thing, because I’m so burned out work-wise that while my brain works and all (techno-whoring isn’t that hard once the ball gets rolling) I still am unable to generate new graphics ideas.

I sure hope it cools down soon.  In the meantime, mosey on over there and tell me what you think of the new UN/IPCC/Obama/WeatherWhiner Eco-bucks currency.


Proud of this guy, and by association damn proud to be an American – this guy is something else.

Marine re-enlists – blind double-amputee.

Unlike Michele Obama, I was proud to be an American before, but this is frosting on the cake.


Everyone has a price.

Some sell their bodies.  Some sell their brains.  Some sell time and other sell skill.  Some do all the aforementioned.  I fall into that category under loose definitions.   I’m a techno-whore.

But this lady… she had a price, too.  It’s obvious that her pride had a monetary value and could be bought.

I can only pray that my children choose something more honorable like drug dealing, practicing law, or excrement collector at the zoo.

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