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A Post in Parts.

First, with more to come, is from the “If I Only Had a Brain” Department.

Cole said, “Obamacare has been an issue from day one that’s hurt Democrats and helped Republicans.” And he said it’s “not going to go away” as an issue “because it’s fundamentally a flawed, bad policy.”

Ellison countered that the CBO report on the reduction of hours worked means, “We are going to have parents being able to come home, working reasonable hours. People are going to be able to retire. People might actually be able to cook dinner rather than have to order out and get some takeout.

He added: “If you look at international comparisons country by country, Americans work way more that the average of industrialized countries around the world.”

He said the report showing fewer work hours gives us the chance “to look at our work/life balance,” which he described as “a great opportunity.”

I see that Obama has been telling his generals that China needs to be told in no uncertain terms that they are approaching a red line and that they should waste no time in saying so. The guy is tickled to trumpet good news in person, or bad if he has his posse behind him, but otherwise sends others to do his work.

As usual, Obama hasn’t the guts or ability to say it himself with any convincing conviction.

US Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Herbert ‘Hawk’ Carlisle says any attempt by China to replicate its air defense zone in the South China Sea would be a “very provocative act.”

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