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Cruel Wife Update

Ok, so she burned her hand last night with molten sugar.

No big deal, right?  Other than finally falling asleep at 3am with her hand in a glass of ice water in the pulled-out drawer of her nightstand, no, no big deal.

This morning her paw was feeling pretty good sort of decent so she decided to put on makeup for work.

She sharpened the eye-liner so it’d be easier to put on with the burned right hand.

And promptly slipped and stabbed herself in the eye.

I swear, we’re going to have to put a padded helmet on her, protective eyewear, oven mitts, and corks on the tines of her forks to protect her from herself.  She’s not allowed to call me a klutz anymore.

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You don’t stab someone 92 times out of PTSD and depression.  You stab someone 92 times because you are crazier than a sh*thouse rat and need to be locked up forever, not just 30 years.

More later as the day progresses.  Check back later on.

Tonight will be the promised post of the cool idea we’ve decided to call “The [word omitted for exciting literary effect] Alexandria Project.  It will be fun, and I’ll request as many crazy hare-brained peripheral-visionary ideas and thoughts as possible. 

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Update #1: Stabbing Victim X-Rays Remember kids:  Don’t try to remove the big honking knives yourself or you could die.

UPDATE #2:  I love how the UK always harbors some crackpate frontrunner for telling the world how they must change.

*** on to regularly scheduled drivel ***

Pic of Pelosi on Drudge…

Something about it NAGGED at my mind.  Nagged like Nancy as a matter of fact.  Then it hit me.  With a bit of p-shop type magic (only a very little bit as I’m feeling less than zero motivation) I floated another image layer over her face and viola!

Tell me the resemblance isn’t there.

… Speaking of deathly ill-looking things, read a paper from the CATO Institute on health care myths.  It’s dated 2005 but the principles still apply – nothing much has changed in 3 years.



Speaking of myths… Obama!  Yes, you can belly up to the bar over at Six Meat Buffet or you can click on the link to see a very disgruntled teleprompter… one that works for Obama.  Very bitter that ‘prompter.  The prompter was brought to us by Iowahawk who gave credit to XD-235.


Seems a pastor has taken “love your neighbor” a bit too far.

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