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Siths Bearing Gifts

Note:  I am making this post a work-in-progress.  Hacker-Boy is making Portal 2 levels on Cruel Wife’s computer and needs guidance and maintenance.  Rather than not post at all, I’ll post this and tweak it as I am able.

Aggie Sith sent us a curio case that is chock full of the things our family likes – old-timey victorian stuff with definite steampunk flair.   It required an awful lot of thought and attention to detail on just our parts.  I do not know how SHE did it.  It is awesome.

A glass curio case stuffed with detail and cool things.

The thoughts that hit me when opening up this gift were:

  1. Wow, this is cool
  2. Geez, this is intricate
  3. Holy cow, this takes some serious mad art-skillz
  4. Crap, every thing in here is symbolizing something
  5. How the hell did she know about that?  (After noting some of the symbology)
  6. Sith is a bubbling cauldron of crazy that should never be stirred
  7. Wow, this is cool

Love the old adverts and pill bottles. A House reference with pearl shaped vicodin perhaps?  I’m told that is not the case but that it is a fun idea nontheless.

There is the underlying themes of “Home” and “psycho” running through here. Prime numbers, loose hardware, compasses not pointing north… and in the pic after that… poison.  And BIRDS.  BIRDS I TELL YOU, JUST NESTING WHEREVER THE HELL THEY LIKE!!

Note the waterworks and poison.  Are the two related?  Should I be worrying about plotting betwixt Sith and Cruel Wife?

Cruel Wife wants to go and learn at Sith’s feet.  Sith respects Cruel Wife’s quilt-fu.  Short dangerous opinionated women should not be allowed contact with one another.  All I can say to Sith’s hubby is “Run.”

Fiat lux and other symbologicalness.


Alert reader The Dude sent me this link.  Sick sick puppy.  And I laughed my ass off.

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Bubba-Ho-Tep.  The Man with the Screaming BrainAlien InvasionBurn NoticeEvil Dead (1, 2, and 3 – AKA “Army of Darkness“).  My Name is Bruce.  And many others.

It doesn’t matter what the genre, I have liked pretty nearly every damn thing Bruce Campbell has done.  He really gained my respect when he had “Bruce” shot on his property in southern Oregon.  And they built a town there to film the movie.  He’s one of a few actors I’d find it a real pleasure to meet because he has no problem mocking himself.

And now, Briscoe County, Junior.  Somehow I missed it in the craziness of the 90’s.

I managed to pick up a copy for dirt cheap.  199o’s western-ey, sciencey, steampunk-ey… but classic Bruce Campbell.  If you like him and haven’t seen it, do so.

Problem is… teensy problem but still real…

I rely heavily on closed-captions.  The DVD set does not have closed captions.  In english, anyhow.

So I am making do by having the French subtitles turned on and translating on the fly – how is that for peculiar in the US, hmmm?  This works pretty well but it is a real bitch when something doesn’t translate well, or when the sentence structure is totally rearranged, or I have no freakin’ clue what the word evenis.  But on the other hand, there are moments when it’s actually funnier in french.  Such as when one character is referring to this chick’s ass, coming across the word “haunch” just cracks me up.  Why?  Just the word.  Say it over and over again while picturing a well-formed tush and leg and it just sounds funny.

Oh hell, if you don’t already see the humor in it, I’m never going to convince you.

At least the subtitles aren’t in German.


I don’t know many (straight) men that don’t like a good hooter, but there’s just something wrong with the folks at Time Rag-azine.  Yes, breast-feeding is a perfectly normal healthy thing to do and it’s even good for infants, too.

But 6-7 year olds?  Christ on a crutch, people.  I don’t think that’s photoshopped.  I think that kid really is latched on to that teat.  And he’s probably messed up for life.  If you’re old enough to ask for it by name you should be cut off until you’re of dating age.

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First off is a steampunk haunted house (Evolve Company and Third Rail Projects).  I love that mask down below there.  It has MOVING PARTS.

I need a cigarette.

Photo by Chad Heird - go check out their stuff

Next will be my equipment pics for the Pre-Weeny preparations.  Operation NoondaySun Pumpkin.

I won’t reveal much other than it involves 1.2kW and a pumpkin.  I had to scale back from the original 2.5kW I had planned.  I was bummed, but there wasn’t a way to safely do it (that I could get the components for in time).

Pictures to come.


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The Dude sent me a link to a Steampunk Mr. Potato Head.  Found by him over at Instructables.com

I don’t have a lot to say.  One good thing is that the injection in one of the arthritic joints was…  cautiously, because I don’t want to jinx it… a success.  It just doesn’t hurt like it did.  It friggin’ ached and then some and now it’s a irritant, nothing much more.

The other side of the neck with the disc issues?  Meh.  Left arm numb/pain still there, neck still hurts.  But I’m happy with anything at this point.  One less source of discomfort.



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Update:  The Dude passed on a great youtube link comparing what happens when you shoot something with different things.   We’re not talking water guns like we are down below.


Well, the idea is to come up with a steampunk water pistol.

There seems to be some interest, which is good.  Now, it is truly a matter of how much you want to spend.  So far we’re not looking at a huge cost.   I would add that what you see there is really not all that impressive because I just haven’t had time to model all the parts up yet.  Takes time, it does – for two reasons:  The first reason is that I’m anal-retentive, and the second is that it takes time.

I want it to work and work right, and I don’t want the damn thing blowing up when you hit 50-60 psi.  There are “overclockers” out there that are talking 100 psi but honestly I wouldn’t take it beyond that and I’ll want to check a lot of numbers before doing that, even.   To give you a sense of scale, the pressure vessels there are about 3/4″ in diameter.  My only concession to modern materials will be stainless steel in the check valves (to pump the pressure up) and the acrylic water chamber.  Yes, I could use glass but it’d be a damn thick thing and I also don’t want anyone getting hurt.  I suppose I could go to a different type of sight glass but I like the idea of a 3″ diameter chamber.   I may change my mind yet.

I have a trigger selected, valves, gauge, manifold, pressure vessels, fittings… packaging is critical though, so I’m taking my time on it.


Growing up in Oregon I had plenty of opportunities to hang my head in embarrassment when someone did something that reflected badly on the rest of the people in the state.  Michigan proves that it can hold it’s own with stupidity, however.

Mud-bogging with a stolen alligator.

Aren’t those three of the sorriest-looking idiots you’ve ever seen?


I can’t say that I’m sorry to see the “Club a WoW Seal Senseless Today” page decrease in total number of hits to near-nothing.  It was really irritating.  My guess is that some cute wittle furry seal picture on Google bumped it down a few pages.  Some of the people who thought I really was a seal-clubber were pretty scary.

Here’s the next-cutest one I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure Amusing Bunni is well aware of this picture.  Somehow that woman has a “Cute Furry Wittle Animal” radar like this world has never seen before.

Image by Matthieu Godbout

Guiltily, however… I admit… I admit to secretly wondering what SealBurger ™ tastes like, and what kind of cheese would be best.  Yes, I am horrible.

Here’s where I’d claim in Steamboat McGoo style that somehow my family was mauled to death slowly by marauding seal pups bent on senseless wanton destruction but I can’t do it with the same finesse that he could.  So I won’t.  But it would make a bitchin’ story, wouldn’t it?  If I actually said it, that is.

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Dr. Lemur’s Steampunk Chocolate Geared for Women is now available on Zazzle.  It was designed to be smaller but if you want a larger version posted let me know.   Same goes for the matte finish – if you want the shiny stock (it’s cheaper) – let me know.  Some may prefer coffee cups, and you can find that option here.

And yes, I’m shamelessly plugging this.  I’m pretty pleased with it and it took some serious effort.

By the way – it might take a little time to filter through the Zazzle approval process (hour or so).

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This is the latest in a batch of steampunk graphics and will go on Zazzle when it is done.  It’s nowhere even close to being finished.  But finally I hit on the right combination of exposure, contrast, emphasis, composition – and something that was just wrong for so long became very very right in my mind.  I am not ordinarily extremely happy with a graphic but the foil matched up with the paper so well that I did a double-take – I thought I had somehow cut a layer out of the foil and accidentally blended it with the paper.

Advert text will read something like this:

What governs your life?
Something missing?
Take a spin with
Dr. Lemur’s Chocolate – Geared for women.

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