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cbullitt swore it needed more than one barrel so I’m willing to go halfway – two large-bore barrels in an over/under arrangement.  Yes, there’s one trigger.  Pull the trigger and both go off.  Half measures in Lemur’s mind are wasted measures.

I’ll add in the mime-endangering stuff later after the Sweeper is done.


Obama Hits at Tea Partiers

President singles out conservative movement at DNC event, saying they should ‘thank him’ for cutting taxes

In the same vein that the guy who claims he’s doing you a big favor getting rid of your lead-based paints in your garage also dumps nuclear and bio waste out on the grass in your back yard.  Gee thanks ever so much.

Obama, you’re such a clueless (or uncaring) putz.  And at other times the guy just seems stupid – like at any moment he’s going to dial up a Rabbi and ask where he can get a good kosher ham sandwich.

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I’m being tested.

I started tapering off the narcotics again this week because it makes life hard at work and it also destroys any creative drive in art.  That is a real bummer for me.

I’m choosing between fogged with pain vs. fogged with painkillers.  Fogged with pain just makes you cranky (like anyone could tell the difference) and fogged with drugs just makes you a drone.

But tonight, two vicodin didn’t even touch the neck/headache.  It leads me to believe that the nerves burned out several weeks ago are dying in earnest, finally.  Really it is the ends of the nerves that are finally giving up.

How shall I put this?  I don’t know what it is like for anyone else nor do I care, because for me – this is a damn painful thing.  I’d rather compound fracture my arm again.  When ice, heat, and drugs don’t fix the problem, it is reasonably awful bad.  A few more days of this and it should be over.

Click to embiggenify. Or rub it.

I’ve done very little tonight.  Tried two pistons and found that they interfere and went back to one.  Crossed the attachment points over the center per Enas’ suggestion, and incorporated cam-levers into the front of the corset to allow it to be initially cinched prior to steam/mechanical assist.

Tomorrow I’ll start adding in text, additional illustration touches, grunge, etc.  It’ll look a bit more colorful.  But for now – I’m off to see if I can sleep the worst of this off.


This here is what we call a Grade-A Prime Weirdo.

Man, I tell you – searching for corset stuff sure takes you to some weird places.

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Who Knew?

I have been working on a female counterpart to the Steam Sheathe graphic, and the current work is one of a steam and gear-driven corset.

Aggie Sith breathlessly suggests that this be made more than the sum of it’s parts – gears, piston, steel cables, and anchor points – yes, she wants lacy frilly stuff which as a man I know nothing of.  Men don’t notice frilly stuff – we notice what is in frilly stuff.

Let us be perfectly clear – there will be no bodice-ripping here.  Not with 1/8″ thick steel cables in a network across a woven mesh corset.

While on this journey I ran across a website which I shall not name until I go through it enough that I know that I’m not advocating something I think is too damn bizarre.

But one spot I did find on it has a Master-Class Pole Dancing Competition, which I link from YouTube for your amazement.


You know, if a man called a meeting like this to talk about… say… the legal system skewed against the father in divorce courts, women would have screamed for his balls on a platter.  I am curious as to why the author  and the editor at Roll Call felt this was not a remarkable point to make.

Pelosi Calls All Female Democratic Members Into Meeting

By Jennifer Bendery
Roll Call Staff
March 16, 2010, 7:02 p.m.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asking all female Democratic Members to attend a hastily called meeting Wednesday morning but isn’t saying what the meeting is about.

Pelosi’s office sent an e-mail out Tuesday evening requesting that all female Democrats come to the Members-only meeting at 10 a.m.

An aide to one Democratic Member said Pelosi’s office said the topic of the meeting was “to be determined.”

The meeting comes as Democratic leaders enter the final stretch of health care reform — and as they scramble to address fractures in their Caucus over abortion and immigration provisions in the bill.

Weren’t “good old boy” meetings fiercely and bitterly waged war against by feminists everywhere not too long ago?

Oh, but like minorities, it’s ok for us to have exceptions.

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Update:  Pornography of meat is defined, below.

Cruel wife and I went to celebrate Valentine’s day tonight.  It beats fighting the crowds.  It was sixteen years and two days ago when I asked her to marry me and she’s regretted it every day since.

We went to eat Thai food.  She got scallops/shrimp with cashew nuts, three stars out of four on the spiciness meter.  I got the Talay Thai (shrimp and roughy), with the heat pegged at 12 out of four stars.  They know me there and turn off all the safety features and just bring me what I ask for.

The waiter who delivered it was wincing/cringing.  His eyes were watering as he set my plate down.

To be fair, it was the second-hottest thing I’ve ever eaten.  My burps are corrosive enough to hurt my throat.  My guts are still in a state of upheaval.  Four hours later Cruel Wife kisses me and says “You’ve still got chilies on your lips – it burns!”  It physically hurt to eat it but I finished it.


Damn it.  I got one friend recently diagnosed with cancer and another still in surgery hopefully to get out of there into the ICU soon.  Update:  Out of surgery and looks to be doing fairly well – at least as far as cell-phone pics go.

Do you have to win some kind of lottery to have two very close friends in dire straights in one week?  Geez.


On my way here – I am doing a steampunk poster using chilies – I ran across a book title.  I’d like to not post what it is actually about but instead see what kinds of guesses you have.  Mine were sort of in the ball park but one planet over.

The Pornography Of Meat

Here you go…

The author of The Sexual Politics of Meat returns with an emotionally charged volume based on her traveling lecture-slide show. Adams, a crusader for the rights of women and animals (or, as she calls them, “nonhumans”) charges that both have long been portrayed as consumable, mouth-watering slabs of meat, and she provides graphic backup for her argument in the form of advertisements, signs, photographs and illustrations (e.g., “Strip Tease,” reads a billboard for a steak house).

Basically this is another nut who imagines that humans and animals are interchangeable and utterly equal across the board.

Women are more than just mouth-watering slabs of meat!  I give you some examples…

Excuse me while I find some napkins.  Anyway, did I clearly make my point?

You know how I know that the author’s PoM book is a pile of steaming crap?  Reviews like this one:

“Even readers who do not share Adams’s views should find themselves challenged and perhaps even enlightened by this unique work.” — Library Journal, May 15, 2003

Anytime someone says that a book will “challenge” me, it is a sure bet that it’s utter bullshit.  “Challenge” means that it’ll be a struggle not to toss it in the garbage or in the nearest wood-burning stove.


ps – if you want to use up 98 minutes of your life in a fruitless attempt at finding some new concept, deeper meaning, or a cheap thrill – do rent “Eden Log“.  That is 98 minutes that you will NEVER get back again.

I would rather suck the marrow out of my own living bones with a steel straw than subject myself to that again.

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Germany discovers that it is not as socialist as it thought.  Germany rejects European fund for Greece.

And as usual, those who are holding out their hands get pissed when someone doesn’t want to dump their cash in it.


Well, I got my desire to work on the Arcomage Project again.  (Earlier blogaboutit here)

A long time ago there was a game called Arcomage in the larger PC game “Might and Magic”.

It was a card game and you had to find the decks of cards and you could play them in Arcomage games in taverns around the realm.  The graphics were pretty blocky.  Now the game doesn’t play (M&M) since it is so old and the Arcomage game I purchased years ago won’t play because 3DO went DOA.

I decided I would make my own game.  Do the graphics on my own printed cards – only make five sets with a wood case – think of it in Steampunk with a dark wood and brass and leather.  Not sell a one so’s not to infringe on anyone.  Here’s some more samples of what I’ve ended up with.

I’ve dropped it for a long time because of my art mojo ran out of steam and while I was steam free I was learning gobs and gobs about how to get better.  Here is my latest inset graphic for a Succubus card that can be played in the game.  Yes, that is (drool) Salma Hayek.  I softened her up a bit and added some demonic wings to her.  You see this walking towards you there are two options – to be used like a toy sexually until you die or to run in fear and possibly be killed.  I’d have to sit down and think it over.

In response to Aggie’s query:

Oops. Meant to say “run in fear and STILL be killed”.  Given those options, I’d rather not die tired from running.


Pancakes and sausage on a stick – in chocolate flavor.  #8 (got mentioned and a pic)

Our republic is doomed.

And what these guys say about an “Egg Loaf”… heartily concur… jeez, people.


So how *do* you know when you are obscenely rich and might consider a philanthropological outlet for your largesse?

Why, when you buy a Superplexus.

Who is supposed to be honored on President’s Day?

Ibrahaema Doumbouya, 44, of Senegal, said he thought Obama has done enough of a “good job” since being elected to be added to the mix.

“It’d be my pleasure if he got honored for Presidents Day,” Doumbouya said.

Done a good job?  What has he done, exactly?

Anyway, they say Washington and Lincoln.  Okay.  I’m game.  I’m still at work as well, so pardon me if I don’t drop everything and run out to light a taper.

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Here’s the updated Steampunk Condom.  Needs a steam source, a valve, a big honking condom-packet analogue, and lots of fancy-shmancy lettering.  Five dollar words and bizarre typography.  The lettering is nowhere near my satisfaction at present.

Click to embiggenify. Or rub it.


I haven’t put anything substantive to say down today because I have nothing to say.

Oh, wait, I do.  I ran across another Open-Source piece of software.  If you know me even a little bit you know that I love GIMP, am totally loving Inkscape, and have a relationship with Blender 3D that has gone stagnant but was passionate at one time.

This week I found Scribus.  Open-Source desktop publishing.  Nice.  Now if only I can figure out how to use it since it has no “Help” and precious little documentation.  It uses GIMP as an external editor (if you have it) and can import Inkscape SVG files.  I like it.  I can’t use it (yet) but I like it.

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Was reading a funny editorial about a lady who went to Walgreens and started seeing it as a sex-toy store.

Then I went over to McGoo’s and saw this Steampunk Vaporinatorinator.  Waycool.

Then it hit me… Steampunk Sex Toys and Products.

Very first crack – gotta go to bed…

It hasn’t been aged, dirt mapped, adjusted in tone, and I want to put it in Scribus and make an old time advert out of it, with sepia tone and period text.

But you do recognize it as an extendible condom with a pressure gauge, right?

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Update: Scientists don’t fudge data.  Climates fudge data.

Remember what I said about a climate-bedwetter echo chamber?  Many thanks to Peter Foster for saying out loud a lot of people were thinking:

… the lead author of the relevant IPCC chapter, Murari Lal, rejected the notion that the IPCC had screwed up. “The IPCC authors did exactly what was expected from them,” he said.

Never were truer words spoken. The IPCC’s task has always been not objectively to examine science but to make the case for man-made climate change by any means available.

You KNOW things are bad when THIS happens:

Even New Scientist, which printed the story on which this inverse pyramid of alarm was built, and which has traditionally been in the True Believing mainstream media camp, is demanding answers on how pure speculation could become an IPCC “finding,” which was then so vigorously defended by Dr. Pachauri.

New Scientist has been whoring for the AGW cause on a pro bono basis purely because it felt so good, never mind the inconvenient lies.

Update2: Chemical Ali executed.  About damn time.

Update3:  The CRU e:mails are in a nice searchable form here:  http://www.eastangliaemails.com/

Update4:  I’d think that the poor fish WANTS to be extinct.


Look at the picture.  Grok what you see.  Feel the sadness, the lameness, the ineptitude.  I don’t even need to comment further than to say that he’s speaking to a 6th grade class.


First ugly render!  I’m having to relearn Blender all over again.  Taking time just to do bevels and tapers, but I’m not displeased.  The handle and body will actually prove to be very difficult because of the lamb’s tongue type fluting I want to put on it.

(sigh) Might take some time.

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Love the stuff. Supposedly it’s “out of style” but if you like something based only on whether it is in style or not you are little better than a sheep.  I am many things, perhaps ignorant, perhaps lacking imagination, perhaps an assh*le, but not a sheep.

Steampunk, again.  This is an electric guitar with real style.

Steampunk Ladybug.

Steampunk Beds.  I really like furniture that is simple, clean, a blend of old and new in such a way that it is hard to date it.  Blade Runner was steampunk and is timeless.

A Sector Watch.  I wanteth it.

Another watch, probably costing the GDP of a small backwards country – like say California.


Thank heavens that race isn’t an issue in this race.

“If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,” said Hastings. “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.” – Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings

It’s like a bad horror movie.  You think you staked the beast in the heart and it comes back to claw you to death time after time.  Hillary returns?  Love the Biden resigning for health excuse.  Come on, just admit you don’t have the leadership skills to pick good people, Obama.

Also this could be titled:  “How to look like a damn freakshow exhibit.”  Modding your body so you look like an elf?  Try something different.  Take up ping-pong, macrame, or even animal husbandry.

BoingBoing has a bolt-on goatee shaving guide.  You just screw the little pegs into the sinuses in your cheekbones (no pilot hole needed) and from then on you can clamp this sucker to your face for that perfect shave every time.  No, not really.  You bite on it.  It does give that cool “Hi, I’m Hannibal Lector” suave look.

Can PETA get any damn weirder?  Human breast milk in ice cream.  Yeaaah.  Okayyyyy.

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