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Obama felt the need, and had ABC’s complete agreement, to knock out a time-honored Christmas tradition “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  This gives rise to a NEW special.  Man, was this ever a fun graphic.  Thoroughly delightful.

His ego was… three… sizes.. too large.

(Update:  It has been rescheduled for next week.)

(Update 2:  Since then I have found this:  http://www.annoyanceproductions.com/pageant/index.shtml)


Oh yes, this was funny.  FoxNews article has this from a climate scientist:

Soon says some scientists became staunch advocates for their position that global warming was occurring, and that they they dug in and started refusing to publish papers with contradictory viewpoints.
“I read a paper on increasing heat in the ocean and asked the scientist in France for the backup data,” Soon says. “She told me she did not distribute data to people who didn’t agree with her conclusions.”  – Fox News
Isn’t that just a hoot?  Science is about putting yourself out there and these lame brains can’t be bothered with debate.
Like the pic Rush Limbaugh put up… I now picture all AGW proponents as looking like this:
Can you just FEEL the love?

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