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What’s good?

Lou Reed has been running through my brain, probably because I’m playing his music at the moment.  Lots of people can’t stand the guy and that’s understandable I guess.  Anyway, “What’s Good?”:

Life’s like a mayonnaise soda
And life’s like space without room
And life’s like bacon and ice cream
That’s what life’s like without you

– Lou Reed

And this is just a stream-of-consciousness stream of bullshit tonight because, well, because.

What’s wrong with bacon and ice cream, anyway?


From Cracked.com comes a list of 20 Costumes that Will Earn You a Halloween Beating.  And they should.  Every last one of them.  If you dress up as one of these and end up with stitches and splints for lots of soft-body parts let me know.


What’s Good?  Ends up like so:

What’s good ?
Life’s good –
But not fair at all

I think there’s a grain of truth there.

No, I’m not depressed or anything.  I’m actually taking the night off and have time to think about all the stuff I usually ignore and had some music on.  This was on the playlist is all.


Scan the following graphic.  Note the number of countries that prefer Obama over Romney and the percentages.

What is totally and completely baffling me is how close the Presidential race is.

Why is that?

Can people not look objectively at this?  The rest of the world doesn’t really give a rat’s hiney about who the best leader is for the US.  What the rest of the world cares about is “What is in it for us?”   Think about that.  They all prefer Obama because the idea is that with a weak leader in the US, at least on paper, the rest of the world has a bigger slice of the pie (and if you don’t believe that, ask yourself why Europe formed the EU).  In practice they would have been hosed either way but I think it would have been worse for them if they didn’t have Obama shoveling dirt on our own heads.

So, World, how is it working out so far?  Could be worse, you say?  Good thing the world doesn’t vote for our President.

And nine out of ten dictators hate the US unless it is giving them money.  Of those that are getting money from the US, nine out of ten would ditch the US in a heartbeat if they could because they secretly loathe the US anyway.


Oooh, now BOC is playing “Godzilla”.  Saw that in concert and talk about absolutely pumping bass.  You could feel your chest being compressed by the sound levels and you truly could and did get get high off of second-hand smoke.  But we didn’t inhale.

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