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Stress Felines.

Several of us at work have been lobbying for a company feline.

A cat who wanders around and provides fuzz therapy to stressed out engineers. How could that go wrong? Relaxed laser engineers are engineers who do not read Braille.

I had thought a name that played on our company name would be good, as a mascot. After reconsideration, I believe I have a better name.


What better choice? It works on many levels. A hidden joke, a statement about the work environment, and a dig at cats, who generally are not known for being work beasts. Generally.

When the boss asks about the origin of the name I would just say “it is a Super Mario Kart character name.”


I hink I stole this from AG over at H&B.


Spent the last week earning my arrogance – it requires yearly upkeep to keep your certs current. In a few more days… Vacation. A much needed vacation. Badly so.

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The Lazy Post.

I stopped at 12 hours (work).  I was fried by 8 but needed to do more.

And accomplished nothing of value in spite of all my efforts.  Damn.

So this is a lazy post mostly to let you know that I’m still alive and have not stepped in front of a bus.

Wildlife – a cougar in a tree.  (h/t to my dad’s friend Loose Screw)

Those Nat’l Geo photographers really know their stuff.


Last night I was trying to talk to the family and realized that although we were all in the same room we were none of us in the same room.  After I realized I was being totally ignored I started saying all manner of things to see if there was anyone out there, using the Elaine Method from Seinfeld.

  • NASA called… I’m going to the moon.
  • I am moving out of the house and going to live in sin with the dog three blocks over.
  • Tomorrow I’m getting a turkey surgically grafted to my elbow.
  • Geez, did you see the size of the elephant that just stomped on the cat?
  • (dryly and calmly) Oh look guys!  We’re being attacked by rabid skunks.  Hold on to your butt.

I can see Hacker Boy spacing me out but Cruel Wife and Lemurita totally missing out on that was a low blow.


At work I found a giant permanent marker, about 1-1/2″ in diameter.  Stinks to high heaven and you know it has been uncapped even if you are 30 feet away.  I’ve taken to walking around with the cap cracked and pretending to sniff really deeply, remarking “Damn, was that ever a good week in markers.”

I even left it on the conference room table by my office with a note “Please try out our new line of fragranced markers.  First whiff is free.”

Last week was a granola bar on the table with a note that said “Help Washington and Colorado – we’re sending munchie boxes soon, please add snacks – they will need them.”  Not everyone got that one.

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I don’t think I have ever seen an animal that appeared to be starving chew off several legs to get out of a trap… that it wasn’t in.  At least, not until the Democrats decided to implode.

I have begun to wonder if a great many liberals haven’t decided that they weren’t going to vote for Obama and then figured that if he was going to lose they would by Go… well… then they would by Gaea see to it that there was a reason for his loss…

Even if they had to manufacture the reason themselves, so they would not have to admit that Obama is a miserable flake of a loser.

I don’t know any fundamentalist Christians who hate Jews.  They might exist somewhere, but those are the nutjobs.  I have never even met a Christian who said they hated Jews or even harbored anything other than goodwill.  It seems absolutely silly – Jesus was a Jew.

So to see a Jew at the DNC swear up and down that Christianity is a false friendship to the Jews and Israel is… mind-blowing.

I was dismayed that there could even be the slightest “booo” towards recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the Democratic Convention.  Yes, I know the liberal thing is to side with the Palestinians but Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is as factual as “water is wet”.

Given the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe I suppose it should not be even a tiny bit surprising but I honestly didn’t think I’d see today’s behaviors.

An Obama campaign official told The Cable late Wednesday that the change in platform was made to reflect the personal views of Obama, who believes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and who “personally intervened” to ask for the platform change.  The Cable

Too bad for Obama, the guys who should be helping him bail water keep blowing holes in the bottom of his boat.  Also, he suffers from being an ass who talks out both sides of his mouth.

The official acknowledged that the administration’s policy remains not to weigh in on the final status of Jerusalem, which is an issue to be decided by the parties. But the official said that Obama’s views and the administration policy are two separate things.

“This makes crystal clear what the President’s personal view is. The policy has not changed.  The president has a personal view and the administration has a policy. They’re not incompatible but there are reasons that the administration’s policy is that the Jerusalem is a final status issue,” the official said. “We wanted to make the President’s views clear.”

Unfortunately for Obama, the president usually has a large say in what administration policy looks like.  He is trying to straddle a line in the water with a foot on two ships sailing away from each other.

Obama’s own actions towards Israel speak for his personal views, not his mouth.

Even more bizarre, showing just how disjointed the Left can be, Republicans repeatedly get referred to as Nazis.  Which is it, guys?


Hey – who needs a break from stupidity?

You won’t get it here.  Out of a thousand nice warm comfy couch, chair, bed, carpet, and cat perch locations – all of them padded – Cruel Wife goes upstairs to find this:

Maybe NOW she’ll pay attention to me.


Fox News put out one of thousands of such useless lists made every year, one that lists 11 high-stress jobs.

I am all for lists.  Engineers couldn’t function without lists.  But there are lists and there are lists.  Some you just throw around to keep track of a pool of things that you should get around to.  Other lists are highly critical must-do-now things.  Still others are “I have to look like I’m doing something in this meeting besides napping” kinds of affairs.

Lists of B.S. things are meant for our entertainment.  But some lists (like the one shown below) are meant to be useful when it is so incomplete in so many ways, self-evident in many, and completely arbitrary in others, and are next to useless.

Lists of High-Stress Jobs?

Doctor/nurse, Farmer, Teacher, Firefighter, Combat Soldier, Air Traffic Controller, Restaurant Manager, Stockbroker, Probation Officer, Accountant, Salesperson.

What good does it do to pick those?

What about cops, pilots, engineers, factory workers, animal control, chemists, lawyers, etc. etc.?

I’d argue that pretty darned near ANY job can be high-stress.  And the amount of stress one experiences depends to an extremely high degree how much you give a rat’s ass about the quality of your work and how imminent either death or layoffs are.  There are some people who are genetically gifted and their body rejects stress like water off a duck’s back – and some who thrive on it like e-coli in a meat packing plant.

Are all window-washer jobs the same?  Obviously not.  What about guards?   Cashiers?   Chicken sexers?   Librarians?  The list goes on.  But are they all cut-and-dried?  Hell no!

I’m out to lunch on the following jobs, thinking they might be pretty low-stress, however.

Dog groomer, jelly donut filler, dishwasher, grave-digger, ice-cream scooper, or anyone in a reality show

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Times of Trial

UN to take an advisory-neutral stance on global warming.

I don’t see that happening until there’s pork in the treetops.

In an interview with the Times of London, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, apologized for his organization’s handling of complaints about errors in its report.

He also apologized for describing as “voodoo science” an Indian Government report which challenged the IPCC’s claims about the rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers.

But Dr Pachauri, 70, rejected calls for his resignation and insisted he would remain as chairman until after publication of the IPCC’s next report in 2014.

Denial gets you through a lot of tough realities…

He claimed he had the support of all the world’s governments and denied that, by remaining in post, he was undermining the IPCC’s chances of regaining credibility with the public.

It is not correct to say there are people who don’t trust me,” he said.


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Why, nothing is quite as valuable as worthless advice.

Stressed because of your first day back to work?  A good old tantrum is just what you need to avoid work for a while as you stand in the unemployment line.

Who the hell gives advice like this?

What about the old days?  You know, when it was considered admirable to “take it like a man”? You know… The Duke?

No, today, we must run around holding our skirts high and whining like a bunch of girls on amphetamines to preserve our metrosexual way of life.  I suppose it might be a good suggestion after all because look at how many folks have climbed to the top using agitated screaming outbursts.


You know by now that I am an anti-Globular-Worming headcase.  Still, even though the article could be construed as supporting my stance, it isn’t… well… it just ain’t news-worthy.  Well, it is and it isn’t.  It’s interesting in a really “gee whiz”-ey sort of way but is utterly meaningless otherwise.


You’d think that if you were going to write science pieces for news organizations you would be expected to have some science background.  Nope.

Scientists mapped the Milky Way in a more detailed, three-dimensional way and found that it’s 15 percent larger in breadth. More important, it’s denser, with 50 percent more mass, which is like weight.

( source:  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,476207,00.html )

Niiiiiice.  “… mass, which is like weight…”

Weight is the force exerted by an object of a given mass in a given gravitational field (acceleration).  F=m*a.

The expression saying mass is like weight is just so incredibly stupid that it isn’t even wrong.

The argument “You have to consider the audience, they won’t know the difference” is asinine.  If you write dumbed-down articles your audience will likely never seek to know more.  Challenge them and they might look something up in order to understand it better.  People are not stupid even though many choose to act that way.


Laughing with tears in my eyes…  Ann Coulter banned from NBC for life.  Thanks Drudge!  Hilarious.

"We are just not going to have her on any more, it's over," a top network source explains.

(…later in the article…)

"We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama, right now," a TODAY insider reveals. "It's such a downer. It's just not the time, and it's not what our audience wants, either.

(posted on a newsflash at Drudge Report)

Boo-hoo!  My goodness, criticism of Obamessaiah is certainly grounds for excluding someone based on their views!  Actually, it is, as we saw with the Dixie Chicks.  They expressed their views, and many fans expressed theirs by not buying their music.

But what is truly entertaining here is that it is a typically self-proclaimed bastion of free speech that is severing ties with her when her book was on the very topic of news media bias and uneven-handed behavior.


… more later…

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