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Just a reminder for a previous post (Lemur Droppings)… we’re all gonna die Wednesday.  Lions and tigers and Hadrons, OH MY.

Gosh, the Montauk Monster is toast.  Huh?  It is so strange I’m not even going to bother to try to explain it.

Oh dammit – they want to kill Kenny!  Those bastards!  Somebody in Russia now has their knickers all bunched up.

MSNBC seems to not make the connection – it’s not their anchors that suck – it’s their biased station.  Well, ok their anchors suck, too.

Weasel ain’t sick but she ain’t well.  We still love her.

See what flies through a mustelid's fantasies?

Ben Shapiro makes an excellent observation – it’s a sure sign that the landscape has altered when the presidential candidate takes such an interest in the running mate.  She scares him, she does.

I wonder if the democrats really understand this.  The idea that respect might work better for them than snotty superiority.  Nah.

Obama, stop being such a pansy.  Pick a policy people can gauge you by, not some cheap cop-out.  Of course if your default is to just wuss out, we’ll judge you by that, too.

Seems like the O is getting a bit flustered.  He sure is golden when it is just a big love-in with the MSM but sure seems like I’m seeing some tarnish.  Anyone care to place bets on how long it takes to say something REALLY stupid?

Proof that Al-Qaeda is not immune to utter gross stupidity.

This is why everyone should be taught (1) to swim, and (2) survival swimming.

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