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Ok, kids… Listening again to NPR “Talk of the Nation” where the focus is on the latest cover of the New Yorker and the place where facts are rarely factors in decisions – the land where emotion and hysteria trump all.  The source page for the cover shown below is here.

Now, my first thought was – “Gee, that is kind of a slam but given Michelle Obama’s inability to feel pride in her country prior to her husband running for POTUS perhaps… eh, but the rest is clearly satire.”  (my reason for leaning towards satire was that Michelle’s AK-47 should be a Hello Kitty assault weapon)

There were opinions for and against it.  One gentleman called in and said it was great because it exposed the lies of corporate America.  ???  What?  ???  What the hell is he talking about?

Another gentleman, comedian Paul Mooney, called in and was very offended.  He thought that either way blacks win on this election.  Whether Obama wins or loses, blacks would celebrate because a black man has never gotten this far.  His take was that it was just wrong to take something that wasn’t funny and color people’s viewpoints (brainwashed, I think he said) with it.

The host (I think Neil Conan) asked him:  “So do you think that he should be excused from satire because he is a black man?”  (roughly an exact hazy estimate of the wording)

Immediately there was a short pause and then the whole question was avoided by rapid rhetoric.  And when pressed with it again, Mooney became agitated and made his stance above that satire “should be funny”.

Apparently many folks think that Obama should be treated like an endangered/protected species than a presidential candidate.  To crack a joke about Obama seems to be a “bad thing“.

So let me see, Constant Reader… satire is ok as long as you think it is funny, and you have the right to determine what is funny?  How odd, that stance coming from a comedian.

Just wanted to point out another double standard.  Because I don’t recall outcry over these…


BTW… There was a link by over on DPUD… I want one:   http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/07/15/frakkin_cylon_toaster/


Hey Bro… you’re like NUMBER ONE, you schmuck.  How does it feel to be a winner when thousands upon thousands of others did their duty regardless of their personal feelings?

(For which I owe them profound heartfelt gratitude, and why I think you are a schmuck.)


Aw, come on… can’t we suspend free speech for just 30 minutes while we get downright violent with these snakes?


California.  San Francisco.  Nuttiness and flaky.  Granola.

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