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There’s the power grab I’ve been watching for.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover.”  – North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue in her overt bid to overthrow your right to be represented – next comes taxation without that representation, in her eyes.

With honeyed words and an oily demeanor the usurper will sidle forth, eager to take control of your lives – just for the good of everyone, you understand.
No, Bev, what we ought to do, rather than your suggestion of suspending elections, is calmly and rationally tell Congress to grow the hell up and do their goddamned jobs like they swore to do.   – Dr. Lemur
Interesting ow her suggestion of a two year suspension just happens to cover the next election cycle, isn’t it?
Ok, the cut-n-paste section is a bit long here but there is a reason…  Pittsburgh inmates are getting 42″ plasma tv’s.

The money comes from the “Inmate Welfare Fund” – proceeds from the jail commissary used by the inmates.

Onorato administration officials who wouldn’t be interviewed on camera or allow the televisions to be photographed, argued in a statement that it’s not the public’s money.

“No taxpayer dollars or county funds are being used to purchase the televisions. The inmates are purchasing the televisions to replace old or broken sets. The decision to purchase the TVs was made by a committee that consists of jail personnel and inmate advocates.”

The point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse and resentful,” Marion Damick, a committee member, said.

It’s not?
Yes it is.  I want prisoners to feel worse.  I want them to hate prison.  I want to chain them to… wait, no, I don’t want tha… wait, yes I do.  I want them to never want to go back, ever.
Where’d the idea come from that there should be anything enjoyable about being incarcerated on the public’s dime?  Sure they may have bought those TVs with “non-public” money but while they are getting free room and board they ought to be paying for every cent of it.  If that deal sounds like it sucks, stay the hell out of jail.
A very good friend of mine was in jail for a while, and yes, I can still say that.  He never wants to go back again and has become a completely different person.  I’d say jail being a suck-ass place to be was probably one of the best things to ever happen to him, as he’s a fine human being that I’m proud to call a friend.
Now… (said slowly) I’ll bet… that she looked up the color of the reporter’s skin before bitching about his racist transcription of Obama’s intentionally dropped G’s in his Congressional Black Caucus speech…  She did so purely out of curiosity, I’m sure.
The good news is that liberals are good for Mother Earth.  Yes, tiny little cannisters filled with life-saving albuterol and nasty evil CFC’s are still pure evil and must be stamped out.  If a few asthmatics are killed along the way, that’s a price we’re willing to pay, because Green is Always Better.
Give it time, and the government will want to tax the rich for $14,000 for every man, woman, and child to pay for $7,000 funerals and “give” those away, too.  Hell, why not?  We’re going to be doing something similar with health care soon.  Tax for more than the amount, pocket the difference – it’s the political way to pay for all the things that can’t be justified.
Zombie Reagan will not run.  It’s on Drudge.  Sorry Stoaty…
For the hearing impaired, use this handy visual that she hand-crafted to navigate to her site.
Seriously, think about what I just said, stop clicking on that graphic, realize it was BS, and follow the hyperlink above, okay?

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Health care for myself and my family comes out of my paycheck and an additional large chunk comes out of my pocket in uncovered expenses.  Neither of those is a privilege – it comes from my ****ing hard work and that of Cruel Wife in all the things she does at home. It comes from our years of higher education and hours uncounted of unpaid overtime. It’s not a privilege and I don’t consider it a right of anyone to have their health care paid involuntarily by me and mine.

We have to keep our eyes on what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to cross a demarcation line,” Harkin told “Early Show” co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. “On one side is health care as a privilege, on the other side is health care as a right. With these votes, with the vote that we’ll take before Christmas, we will cross that line finally and say that health care is a right of all Americans.”


The main topic (next item down) is so thoroughly intertwined with pork that bacon is central to today’s thoughts.

Dates.  The kind wrapped in bacon.

Take out the almond, and this is something I’m drooling over.  Take a date, stuff it with goat cheese, and wrap it in bacon.  Broil it until crispy.

If it sounds that good how can it possibly be wrong?  I’m attaching a shrunken picture so you go to The Reckless Chef and give it a good look.


We should all be considering term limits for congress in a different light.

Get rid of multiple-term politicians.

Vince Flynn wrote a book by the title “Term Limits”.

I don’t advocate the methods in the book but we sure as hell ought to be doing the political version, which is to take these politicians in congress who seem to feel that they can “do what is best for our country” in spite of what we want and politically kill them off.

One reviewer of the book on Amazon said:

Flynn’s Washington is a place of distrust, dishonor, duplicity, hypocrisy and murder.

That’s funny, so is my Washington.

Our president saw fit to travel to Copenhagen when the top issue among Americans has been shown time and time again to be jobs and the economy, and he and Hillary figured it’d be great for us to chip in to a $100B pool of money to combat climate change.  Neither one of them has a lick of authority to do anything binding us to that.

Our congress – along clear party lines – is forcing the issue on a bill that not a single person in that governing body can understand the full import of by backroom deals, nighttime and holiday votes, and plain old intimidation.  For what do they do this?  For no good reason other than that they can with this kind of stacking in Congress.

From the outset, the White House’s core claim was that reform would reduce health costs for individuals and businesses, and they’re sticking to that story. “Anyone who says otherwise simply hasn’t read the bills,” Mr. Obama said over the weekend. This is so utterly disingenuous that we doubt the President really believes it.

And what do we do, in poll after poll?  We bitch about congress and then in nearly the same breath say “But our rep (or senator) seems pretty good.”  Wake up and smell the bullshit you are shoveling, people.

We are about to really understand the nuances in the term “Taxation WITH Representation”.


While looking for images of “bacon” on Google, I ran across bacon bikinis and thought I should pass it on.  I have no idea whatsoever what the rest of the site is about.  Don’t ask, don’t tell me, either.

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